Wednesday, 20 January 2010

On the road

Wow, what a week...

Monday started off with me getting my last shot (which turned into two) before Japan. The second Twinrix shot, which protects against hepatitis A and B, and it turned out I hadn't got my last polio shot yet so I got that one too :P One in each arm, wonderful... right...

Moving on. I spent yesterday on the road. Literally. After I got up and walked the dog hideously early I studied some driving theory and then got on the bus to driving school. Spent 80 minutes on the road on my driving lesson and then took the bus back home, stayed home for 20 minutes and then took the bus to Malmö for a kendo session. Yesterday was a stressful day, but still kind of amusing. I like buses too much, don't I? :P

And today it was time for something completely different; slipping (halkan). I was so nervous I was scared before I got out there. Then I thought that it wasn't so bad, but it definately wasn't as hilariously funny as every person I've talked to about it have said. Losing control of the car for a split second is really scary and I have now decided that even when I get a car I will take the bus when it's icy on the roads. Full stop.

Let's put it like this. I ran over the moose twice, crashed into the crashed cars twice. I missed the children playing on the road but got hit by a truck when changing file. And spinning around on ice isn't fun! :/

The rest of the week will also consist of driving. My test will probably come up soon and hopefully I'll pass! Though Dad keeps telling me to be prepared to fail the first time, since that's apparantly very common...


  1. Tja, att höra om halkan låter väldigt roligt, men jag tänka mig att det inte var så roligt att göra den. Jag skrattade iaf ;p

  2. Folk har en benägenhet att skratta när jag berättar om den där älgen :P Det låter roligare än vad det var


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