Wednesday, 3 February 2010


For a second last week I thought that the snow was finally fading. Winter was coming to an end. How very wrong I was. Wednesday last week: snow storm. Don't remember much from it, though, so it can't have been that big or my memory isn't as good as I thought it was ;)

Anyhow, yesterday it started snowing again. Blizzard. Awesome. The original plan for me every Tuesday after school is to directly take the train to Malmö for a kendo session. I decided halfway through my reading comprehension class that that wasn't going to happen that day. First I decided on only the advanced session starting an hour after the beginner's session, but then I cut it out completely and decided to dump my kendo stuff at Love's (for future use on Thursday) and try to head home. 10 minutes before departure I checked the computer to see if my bus line was cancelled due to the snow, it said it wasn't. So I went down there and stood there waiting for 30 minutes. About then the three of us standing there realised that we were waiting for the same bus. A woman was talking to her husband on her mobile and after they hung up I tried to call the bus center but the line was engaged. Guess everyone was calling at that time. Then the woman's husband called again and said he'd been in touch with the bus center and our bus line was cancelled. Great. So now what? Thought of taking the train and go home via Malmö, but that was a lost cause since the trains were all at least 40 minutes late and I knew my bus home from Malmö left once every hour at that time. Called Mum to see if she could pick me up. She said she'd try and I went back to Love's to wait for her. After 30 minutes she called and said she couldn't get out of Svedala (the village where I live), all roads were blocked. She also said that she'd been listening to the radio while trying to find her way out and it had said that the bigger roads were the worst and they had also interviewed a woman who had been stuck on a bus since 5pm (by then it was almost 8pm). So right, stuck in Lund. No stuff for my contacts and no pills, but it still worked out somehow. Sitting there with Love I thought of Fluff who was leading the children's session in aikido that evening and he'd probably be stuck in Lund like me so I asked him to come over after the session, and he did. So that brightened it all up a bit :)

After school and a driving lesson today I finally managed to get home. I once again thought of taking the train and go home via Malmö, but when I got to the central station all trains were still at least 40 minutes late, so I decided to try to find a bus to Malmö, when at that exact point my direct bus line home arrived. When I got home I was told that everything in this area had been cancelled yesterday. Trains, buses, flights... Only trains that were not cancelled were the ones going to Stockholm and they were all heavily delayed. I think I even read about a train falling off track somewhere? The bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen were closed and no flights were allowed to arrive at or depart from Copenhagen Airport (guess it was the same for Malmö airport). I also read the headlines of a local newspaper that people stuck in car queues in the storm had left their cars and tried to walk home. Don't know how well that went, but they probably kept warmer walking than sitting in the cars.

Tonight it started snowing again. In "my" village the parts that haven't been cleared of snow are over knee deep! It's easier to walk on the roads where the cars are than to walk on the pavements. I really was hoping for some scent of spring before I left for Japan, but right now that doesn't seem very probable.

About my driving lesson today. Snow is very complicated (but fun) to drive in. And! I also got booked for my test and if I pass I will have a licence when I get back from Japan in June. My test is on February 25 and I leave 8am on the 26th ^^; The theory test is on Tuesday so these last few days until then I will try to do nothing but studying for it. Sorry, but Japanese and university has to come second right now :P I'm nervous, but at the same time I can't wait for all this driving lesson stuff to end and finally (finally!) get that licence!

Time to sleep now, early day tomorrow. G'night!


  1. Vi har hade rätt mycket snöfall den veckan också, men inte så att allt trafik stannade. Å andra sidan plogar de hela tiden - på plana ytor når det lätt upp till midjan. Men snöhögarna är läskigare - de når till andra våningen på huset... Det har varit riktigt ruggigt väder här, -15 till -20, blåsigt och snö så man blev helt blöt i ansiktet - och jag menar det, jag torkade av mig flera gånger med vantarna när jag gick nånstans. Men nu är det bättre, idag gick jag till skolan utan termobyxor ;p

  2. Börjar det inte bli dags att ta det där jävla körkortet? Du började innan mig och jag har snart haft det i ett år.
    Just saying.

  3. >.> Tekniskt sett började jag inte före dig. Jag läste teorin först och började köra sen. Januari förra året. Men körskolan i Svedala va skräp det tog åtta månader för mig att komma till mindre landsväg ens en gång för jag fick aldrig nån positiv feedback eller nån uppmuntran att bli bättre. I somras ville jag bara skita i alltihop. Sen bytte jag till Lund i september och helt plötsligt ska jag köra upp - på 6 månader, färdigt!


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