Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I feel like I should go back to blogging on a habitual basis... A few things have happened since last time ofc and now I feel like I've settled back very well to the Swedish lifestyle. The biggest difference has been the speed. Life is so slow in Sweden and compared to Tokyo I can't understand how anyone can become stressed here. When I got back everything was so slow I couldn't help but feeling restless and incredibly bored. I wanted things to happen, I wanted things to do, but everything was so slow and I almost went crazy with restlessness and boredom. But I'm okay now :)

Work has been awesome. I love my job and I want to find something similar to do while studying this autumn. It's not a steady job, as in I have no steady working hours. I work when it's needed, when there's an event. So this Thursday to Sunday I've worked about 33 hours and it's all physical work; standing, walking, power-walking and heavy lifting. And after work on Sunday I could really feel it in my body. Shoulders, back, knees, feet and hands were aching and various cuts and broken nails confirmed my working hours. It's tough on the body, good for the wallet and I do enjoy my job :)

I've become pretty engaged in the Swedish election this autumn. I actually watched a debate today, although I'm pretty settled on what to vote for. It's my first parlamentory election and I wanna know what I'm doing. On top of that I've always found politics interesting ;P

Tomorrow Kajsa and I have three flat viewings scheduled and I'm getting all excited about it. I want to move out this autumn and it would be awesome if I could move to Lund, the city where I'm actually going to study. Just imagine being able to take the bike to school again... For the first time in four years :P

All on all a lot is happening this summer. Work, friends, moving out, exam, driving test and I wanna go to Gothenburg too! When will I have time to finish my novel and learn a new song on the guitar? I need more than 24-hour days...


  1. Jag har inte alls varit med i valdebatten - jag vet inte vilka som är valfrågorna. Jobbmarknaden antar jag? Det är typ bara det de brukar prata om...

  2. Det handlar mest om skatter, skola, jobb och miljö... det vanliga helt enkelt :P Men det är rätt intressant att lyssna på ändå


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