Sunday, 11 July 2010


Last winter I did a post praising the cold and winter. Today I figured I'd do a post complaining about heat and summer. Because today it's been the second day of 30 degrees and it's gonna be the same and even a little warmer tomorrow. And I hate it, hate it, hate it!

In Japan I didn't mind the heat. 26 degrees at 6am felt like nothing. Sure it was warm, but it was nice warmth. In this friggin country it can't get over 25 degrees without becoming the kind of sticky, pressuring heat that leaves you completely unable to do anything.

I hate waking up in the morning feeling as if someone drowned me in liquid sugar, since you've been sweating in your sleep all night your skin is all sticky. A cold shower is lovely, but unfortunately it lasts for about five minutes after you step out of the shower.

And since you sweat all day, 24/7, you have to drink all the time and I'm never so sick of drinking water as I am in summer. And since it's the pressuring heat everyone gets tired and easily annoyed. So it always ends in people arguing because they are so easily irritated.

Now I do understand why people lose weight in summer. They friggin sweat it out! And you also eat less during summer because it's so awfully hot that you're never hungry.

Then there's the mosquitos and the bugs! I turn the lights on for a second after dark and my room is buzzing with insects and thus I have to hunt them all down and kill them for about half an hour before I can actually go to sleep. Because if I close the window the heat gets even worse. I sleep with the window open and my bed beneath it, hoping that some wind might cool me down while I'm sleeping.

It's possible to momentarily stop the heat from getting to your head with ice cream, ice water, ice slush etc etc. But it's just momentarily.

And what's the point in sweating like you're doing the biggest work-out of your life when you're sitting in front of the friggin computer and not moving at all?!

There is only one sensible place to be when it's hot: in the ocean.
And there are only two sensible ways to like summer: cheap, delicious strawberries and being able to swim in the ocean.

I took a break doing this post stepping out on the street and standing in the middle of the pouring rain. And now I feel a little better. There's nothing like heavy rain to take the edge off things :)

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