Wednesday, 29 September 2010


A post in the middle of my study-for-the-exam-week. I'm so tired of it now. I just want to do that exam and get that stupid book out of my face. Tomorrow is my day of doom and by then I will know just what kind of cruel questions my teachers will have in store for me. Hopefully I'll get away with a B. A B is what I aim for, but I study with an A in mind. I want that A so badly. Anyway, wish me luck! And I will go through this hell once a month! Maybe Economics was a little too much...

On another note I've fallen in love with kendo again. You know how some people always want to become good at something immediately? I'm one of those. And to be able to return to the Beginners' Practice Sessions and know all the basics feels great. I'm treated like one of the senpai which is completely awesome. I used to hate being motodachi (reciever of hits) and to wear the full bogu (armour) with that helmet that made me feel slightly claustrophobic, but now I don't mind and I even liked being motodachi on yesterday's training =D Life is great. Here's a little something for you who don't know what I'm talking about to see for yourselves what kendo looks like. (I know it looks weird and goofy before knowing what it's all about, but it looks a little cool too right?)

And I wish I could write about important things that I want to write about, but right now my brain is so wired with marketing that I can't really stop thinking about it :/

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