Thursday, 2 September 2010


So school is up again and I'm in for something completely new and still it's the same old stuff. I thought my first term of Economics at univeristy would be inexcusably boring but it turned out quite interesting and fun. The only problem is socialising.

I'm not a social person. I listen rather than talk and I never take the first step. I'm shy and awkward in the beginning and I spent the entire first day on my own. I'm not bothered by being alone actually. It feels pretty good to be able to do whatever during breaks etc, but it feels a little lonely when it comes to lunch and I find myself not having anyone to sit down and have lunch with.

Luckily we were divided into small work groups as soon as the second day and almost immediately a guy started talking to me. He's nice and I seem to have at least some things in common with him, which is impressive considering that I can't be called anything less than a misfit in this class. Everyone is fashionable and wear branded clothes and fake tans... I feel like a sore thumb, but I haven't noticed any staring so I'm probably overthinking it, I mean we are supposed to be grown-ups right? ;) Anywho, it's already the fourth day and I still feel awkward around my new "friend". Wonder if he's up to the challenge of breaking through to me.

Oh well, we've only just started and it will probably be better. I started this year preparing for the worst. I was waiting in anticipation and fear. Anticipation for all the new stuff, the challenging studies. Fear for it to become like old times. But I had already agreed with myself that if I could handle it for 8 years (2nd to 9th grade) then I pretty darn well can handle 4 years if it should come to that. I don't think so, but I'd rather it didn't come as a shock :P


  1. I'm sure everything will be fine Elin! :)

  2. I think I did the opposite thing... I looked forward to my courses this year, and now I'm a little disappointed.


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