Wednesday, 13 October 2010


The fairies have been dancing a lot lately. Today the fog was everywhere and hardly see-through at some places. It was wonderful having a lecture at the third floor and instead of listening looking through the window and seeing absolutely nothing but whiteness. Taking the bus home to my parents' house was even better. At one point I looked up at the sky and for a moment I thought I saw the moon shining as clearly as in night time, perfectly round and full. Then I realised that it was the sun and in some weird way it couldn't shine through the fog but I could see it perfectly. After I realised that I also realised it might not be a good idea to look directly at the sun :P

However the fairies are making me happy. Smoking fields are amazing :) And they remind me that soon, very soon, the sun will stop being this awfully late-summer sharp and it will keep getting colder and colder. Cold is wonderful and so is winter. I took a quick glance at the thermometer at home and was happy to see that it was finally below 10 degrees - wonderful. Soon enough it will even be below 5, or maybe even around 0 and I will be as happy as can be :)

I did a post similar to this last year on my old blog, but I thought I'd try to remember it and post a remake here. This, as you might have noticed, is my new blog of the second decade of the 21st century :)

Cold means having an excuse to stay indoors doing nothing all day, with no one complaining if you don't go outdoors or sit by the computer all day. Cold means coming back inside, all freezing, and then getting warm again under a blanket, watching Love Actually for the umpth time while sipping on a mug of chocolate.

Cold means going outdoors and feel the cold coming at your face, your nose, your ears, your fingers and toes. It means seeing your breath in front of you and feeling your nostrils stick together when taking a deep breath.

Do you forget, each year, the joy snow brings. How children always play? Do you forget, each year, how beautiful the world is when the sun shines dully from a clearblue sky on a world covered in frost and untouched snow.

Cold means wearing shirts on size too big. Cold means destroying tidy heaps of leef by walking right through them. Cold means freezing rain and hail. Cold means that the weather will once again show its forces and make us feel refreshed and alive when coming back indoors after a walk in the hard winds and heavy rain.

Cold means that Christmas and New Years are on their way, and do you forget, each year, how kind people suddenly become - because it's that time of the year? Do you forget the food, the treats, the presents, the quality time with your family, the lights, the candles, the decorations and the cosiness.

Cold doesn't necessarily means standing shaking and freezing at a bus stop waiting for the bus for eternity beacuse it's late due to the snow and ice, although that almost always happens. It means bundle up, relax and smile. In the simplest of terms; you sun and summer lovers shouldn't waste your energy hating the cold; the best part of the year is only just beginning.

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