Monday, 18 October 2010


This term I chose to study Economics. It's a 4-year program and I was really looking forward to starting. But when it all began I started to regret my chocie bit by bit. Sure it was interesting, but it wasn't fun. No matter how much I studied it felt like nothing stuck. It was agnoising but I kept at it, determined that I was going to make it through the first year and then maybe change completely. But then there was that day last week when I didn't study for a whole day and I was so agonized by the fact that I hadn't studied and then equally agonized by the amount I had to study. It wasn't fun, it was hell and I wanted out of it. After a really tough discussion with Love (that's my boyfriend's name; Loo-veh) I decided what to do and it wasn't what I had originally planned but it felt so much better.

So instead of maybe studying four years of Economics and get a Master degree. I decided to leave Economics completely next term and continue with my languages. I will study French full time, towards the goal of getting a baccalaureate and then start the Translator program and get a Master :) Languages are what I know, they are what I'm good at and what I understand without trying much. And by studying French, the door is still open towards becoming an EU-translator or interpretor. EU is in despreate need of translators and interpretors and if I study enough to become one of the best... Who knows what might happen?

Just because Economics is considered to be a great subject to study and a subject that will lead directly to an occupation doesn't mean it's great for everyone. I'm gonna make my own life and I'm gonna do what feels right to me, so for now I'm gonna try to finish this course I'm on and then it's bye-bye secure future and hello fun times ;P

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