Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The big twenty

So today I turned twenty. I don't feel no different =P How do people tell that I'm really an adult now? Actually a full-fledged adult. Seems weird to me. Didn't I just turn 18? Can't I just stop at that. 18 was a very comfortable age. So now I'm twenty. Only differences from being 19 are that I'm now allowed to buy alcohol (not only drink it) and the fact that I'm no longer a teenager.

What's the fun in growing up and being serious all the time? What's the fun about life if all you've ever got are duties to be tended for. What's life if all you ever do is work, eat and sleep? I don't want to become a boring adult who only talks about gardening, weather, their family, cooking and interior design (like the pattern on that carpet). 

Oh, well, I'll continue being childish, immature and weird for as long as possible and see where that path leads =D
Happy birthday to me =)


  1. Jag tycker det är jättelänge sen vi var i Edinburgh och du fyllde 18... Känns som evigheter sen vi överhuvudtaget gick på gymnasiet...

  2. Jag skulle precis säga det samma!!! Edinburgh känns som decades ago! Men det jag egetnligne ville säga att mitten videon gillar vi. :D:D


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