Friday, 5 November 2010

Fixing day

Remember how I mentioned in my last post that I couldn't fit anymore books in my jampacked book case? Now I can :) Yesterday after my visit to the dentist's and after getting photographed for my driver's license, Dad and I took of to XXXLutz, which has just recently opened in Malmö at IKEA's old place :P Since it was the first day to the public yesterday it was really crowded and the only thing I was looking for was a new chair to fit my desk. Did find one I wanted but thay would have to restock it before I could come and collect it :/ We bought it anyway and Dad will get a textmessage when we can pick it up. My point with this anyway is that the day before yesterday XXXLutz had a pre-opening to invited guests. Since my parents happened to be subscribed to the correct news paper they happened to be invited xD While they were there they bought a new book case for me and today I put it together and reorganized my room for it to fit :) It was fun but sweaty :P One new book case meant for me to reorganize a lot, but now it looks great and I can even fit more books into my two book cases =D

And now there will be pictures :P My room is very me. I've lived on these 7 squaremeters my entrie life so there's a lot of stuff

Book cases! =D

My room as seen from the door.
(And to whomever may wonder it's the Nightwish poster for Ghost Love Score)

As seen from the bed.

My desk seen from the bed.
I love fire and I have lit candles whenever I feel like I have the time to.
(And that stereo will be thrown out sometime soon)

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