Wednesday, 3 November 2010

What now?

I had a plan ready before I quit and that plan stretches as far as 3½ years into the future :)

For the remaining part of this semester I'm gonna continue on my part-time Spanish course so I will still be studying.

For the next semester I will start to study French again. My goal is to get a Bachelor degree in French (takes about 3 semesters) and then go on to the Translator program (that's another 4 semesters). So until January 17 I will have to get my French back up and running again. The only reason why I bought my old French high school textbook.

And now that I suddenly have a lot of free time it's very obvious what I do with it. In a day I went from not reading anything to reading four books at once! I'm impressed :P And I spend a lot of time looking through this website for interesting titles, although I can't fit any more books in my already jampacked book case ^^;

I've also been thinking a lot about getting back to writing something again. It's been a while and I miss it. And I've had this idea nagging me at the back of my head for months...

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  1. So, obviously, the solution to your problem is: get yourself another book case


    I'm so happy for you!


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