Thursday, 30 December 2010

Is there anyone out there?

Hello world. How have you been these past few days? It's nice to see that you're still around and that you waited for me to return from my vacation at a different place.

For Christmas I got LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 for DS and since December 27th I've done nothing but playing. Yesterday I cleared 100% and came back from my virtual vacation. Coming back meant cleaning up the place. As Love said: One notices when you get hooked on something because then this place turns messy. Quite true :P

Today bid on an adventure. Love and I went to Ikea to get ourselves a new wardrobe and ended up with lots of stuff for the kitchen and two chests of drawers :P I'm becoming a homemaker here. Something I thought I'd end up doing alone the first time, but I like the company. I thought I'd be older than this when I started making a home for two. I've never been happy about kitchenware before xD I like it! So now I've spent the evening building two chests of drawers and it looks good :) I'm proud of it!

I really need to start using my camera...

And now I'll return to my DS and another new game. This one doesn't have me extremely hooked, but it's entertaining. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. Since I fell in love with playing Heroes of Might and Magic V on the computer I decided to buy this game as soon as I found it. And it didn't leave me disappointed!

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