Saturday, 25 December 2010

Up-side-down Christmas

Still at my parents place trying to fix a kind of messed up Christmas. Totally up-side-down. Since Christmas is celebrated at Christmas Eve in Sweden everything was set up and ready yesterday, until we found out that both pairs of grandparents couldn't make it due to the snow. 1m of snow and no snow plough kept them inside their houses and made them unable to come. Fantastic. That kind of ruined the mood, but as to not have this year's Christmas totally ruined by the snow (when we just for once get a white Christmas the weather goes and overdoes it :/) we decided to switch the days.

So yesterday we celebrated Christmas Day. That day is always spent with the whole family playing games together. So yesterday we played the classics Mah Jong and Svea Rike as well as the new addition; Ticket to Ride Europe, all the while eating lots and lots of Christmas sweets. All the presents were saved for today and even the main Christmas dish in my family (which I totally despise, friggin' yearly torture) were saved up for today.  Now my dad and my boyfriend are off together to help Dad's mom get out of her house and Mom's parents have hired a snow plough so hopefully they will all be here in a few hours. And then there will be Christmas. Finally.e.

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