Tuesday, 14 December 2010

X-masy weekend

Love and I spent four days at my parents place. Originally we were only supposed to be there for three days, but dad called on Thursday asking if we wanted to come over on Friday and have a fancy dinner with them :) Ofc we wanted to.

On Saturday the X-mas stuff started. Love, I and my little sister made ginger bread and Xmas sweets together, all the while listening to Xmas songs :) The day ended with Love and I driving to Staffanstorp for the first RPG since October ^_^ The journey homewards later was both fun and interesting, I'm not very used to driving in blizzards yet :P But except for that small skid at the end everything went perfectly :)

On Sunday the baking continued with the whole family + Love making saffron buns, almond cakes, crullers, toffee and rosettes. All along with the same old Xmas songs. In the evening we (minus little sister) taught Love how to play Mah Jong since we do that every year on Christmas Day.

Monday was Lucia. Finally. On this day my family always gets up just before 7 am to watch the Lucia prossesion on TV while having hot chocolate and breakfast. After that we either go back to sleep for an hour or two or get ready to go to work or school. This day both Love and I had the day off and thus we went to Malmö to finish our Xmas shopping. So now we're all set except for three more gifts :)

And now I should stop blogging and study for my final exam in Spanish tomorrow.

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