Thursday, 10 February 2011

Best way to treat a bad day

I had a generally shitty day yesterday. Had too little sleep and as a result a headache all day. As if that was not enough I was in school between 9am and 4pm. First lecture was three hours long and the first break wasn't until after two hours. That's when I had a cup of coffee and a chocolate bar, which made me a little less of a zombie. After the three hour lecture I went to the library to study for the two hour break (yeah, very balanced and nice school day -.-') and for lunch I also had another cup of coffee and a chocolate bar along with my sandwich. After another two hour lecture I got home to study. By then the chocolate and the coffee had stopped working so the headache was back and the drowsiness too, along with feeling like I might throw up because two cups of coffee in one day is too much for a non-habitual coffee drinker like myself.

I felt a little better after eating a little and then I had to continue study before we went to Malmö. On the way there I bought an energy drink so I wouldn't be too slow.

I was in Malmö to watch a friend's (unsigned) band's first gig and it was awesome. I loved it! They rocked what crowd they had and seemed to be having a great time as well as playing great music. The concert made me feel a whole lot better and as per usual after a concert I was high on endorfins all the way home. Since I don't have the cord for my mobile I can't upload my video from the concert, so you'll have to make do with the two pictures I got and their MySpace. I love their sound and I sincerely hope they are on their way to greatness, it would be such a waste of talent otherwise...

On the other hand I had planned to study my brains out today, but woke up with a headache, feeling sick and generally miserable, so after only studying a bit I gave up. I think I'm coming down with something again.... worst timing ever....

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