Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pictural update

So it's been a while again, but a lot has happened! First off I moved in together with my boyfriend in a new flat. It's really nice and after getting all the stuff out of their boxes it has started to feel real homey. There's still a little more to do, like getting a sofa and put some posters in frames and hang on the walls, but that's stuff that will get done when there's time and money. So I'll start off by showing off the rooms:

The hallway

The kitchen

The living room with work station

The toilet

The bedroom

Second I'll talk about our Saturday in Malmö. It's been a great day that unintentionally turned into a date. When we arrived at the Central station around noon and started off by having lunch at Espresso House. They have some great sandwiches there and it's a less fat option to having a cheap lunch at China Box or Burger King and since I had been getting motionsick from riding the bus I didn't really feel like eating fat fast food, I even stood the hot chocolate up! After lunch we walked from the Central station to Värnhem, which takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how fast you walk. There are buses but it was a great clear day and for the first time this year it really felt like spring is just around the corner - it's just a very big corner. 

We arrived at the mall there and I had this idea that we could go around window shopping and try out stuff but not buying anything until the film started at the cinema three hours later. That didn't go as planned. The first lapse happened at Lagerhouse. A notebook. Then it just kept going downhill. The two most awesome things we bought were these:

Monopoly: The Nightmare Before Christmas edition

In game

Purple Converse for me

The film we saw was Rango. It was good. After having seen the trailer it seemed so much better. But in the end it was just a predictable children's western film. Not epic like Tangled - the film of the year 2011. 

Something I should have blogged about a long time ago is my new computer. In the end of January I bought parts for a brand new computer for me, which Love assembled and put together. Now I have a fast, geek computer and I love it :P Here it is:

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