Thursday, 17 March 2011


It's been pouring down all day and on such a day I just wanna curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and watch TV, or possibly sit in clothes two sizes too big and write on stories. I did neither today, but I still have all that cosiness curled up inside of me so I'm gonna let some of it out here and then go get my two-sizes-too-big clothes and start writing on a story.

Pouring rain always makes me think of this song by Kelly Clarkson. Just that verse, the melody and the sense of the song makes me think of rain and I relate to this song very well - a small town girl wanting to break out and see the world. Breakaway from that depressing and jaded town and go find herself somewhere else on this planet. It kept me dreaming when I was fifteen and went through a rough patch and it still keeps me dreaming, cause I'm still this small town girl trying to figure out her place in the world.

Rain is magical. It seems grey and boring and depressing, but if you really look... Can you see the beauty? Water splashed on the window making the world on the other side seem deformed and weird. The sound is soothing. I can hear it dripping and pouring and splashing, like the ocean it's calm, relentless and playful at the same time. Taking a walk in pouring rain is incredible, especially in summer when there are those extreme waterfalls coming down on you with big splashing drops; just one drop making you completely soaked. It makes you appreciate even more to get back inside, get dried up and put on dry clothes. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It's just perfect. Rain is perfect. 

It doesn't end with the rain, a lot of the beauty comes just afterwards. A few sunbeams beat through the clouds and shine on the wet ground. The drops are pearling on the grass and spiderwebs are beautiful. The world seems fresher, newer, and it smells fantastic. The smell just after a heavy spring rain is indescribable. I honestly don't know any word to describe that smell. But I know that I love it. Do you need a reason to love something other than it makes you feel good?

The strong wind that's been blowing here for the past three days just adds up to all the rain. I love lying in bed and listening to the swooshing sounds from the outside. It gets my imagination going. Storms are the most magical natural phenomenon in the world.

For the rest of the evening and some of the night I'm now going to exchange my school notebook for my story-writing notebook and go change my clothes to enjoy the full expense of the pouring rain and swooshing wind and just let my imagination flow. 

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