Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Another way to die

I didn't plan on making this post at all. I feel as if I'm nagging. I've done this before a long time ago. Now with a different approach. Spring is coming. It makes me feel happy. I don't like the sun cause it's way to sharp, but I love that the days are getting longer. I love that the first spring flowers are popping up everywhere and I love the fact that my winter jacket is getting too warm. I love that the world around me soon is going to be all lushous and green and beautiful. I love nature. It's indrecibly beautiful. 

Two days ago I watched Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth again. About the 5th time or something that I see it. And I know all the negatives so you can stop right there. I know he's a hypocrite and I know he exaggerates his graphs. But beyond that he does have a point. Despite his exaggeration the general trend is clear for everyone to see and despite his exaggeration it is clear that the problem has been getting worse every year since we started doing heavy industries. If you haven't watched the film I recommend you to. It's a great film that makes you appreciate what you have and it makes you care. It makes you want to do something. Everytime I shiver and get goosebumps while watching it and everytime I cry when it shows pictures from New Orleans after Katrina and it makes me mad to hear that Bush could have made the disaster less catastrophical but chose not to believe it. What if Gore had been elected president instead of Bush on that day in 2000? The world would have looked a lot different. 

What if we all made small, small changes? Changed power company to an environmental friendly one? Started to walk/ride bike/take bus/take train instead of the car. You'd get some exercise and save money! A car is one hell of a money sucker! What if you bought environmental friendly power supplies and light bulbs? They do the job the old ones did. What if you bought ecological foods? I know they cost more and I know they don't pay the farmers more, but it's not sprayed food. The food is natural and less articficial stuffs in the air and ground is better for all of us. Recycle. It's not that hard. Or use a fleemarket or give your old stuff to a secondhand shop. There are always better options that to just go on like we always have. Just one small change at a time. Imagine what that would do in the long run. 

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