Sunday, 3 April 2011

Life, happiness and age

Life sucks. That's the truth and you can't do anything about the sucky part. But it's what you make of the sucky part that counts. If you concentrate on the bad, if you convince yourself that there's nothing good for you here and that you're in a hopeless situation... Then that's where you're gonna stay. If you believe it, it's true. If you want to change your life then do something about it. There's no one telling you what to do, but there's a hell of a lot of people telling you what not to do.

I live my life as it comes. I handle it when it arrives. I try not to worry about things in the future. I don't make a lot of plans - I just stay open for all the possibilities the future may bring. I try to stay carefree. I do what I want because I want it and I do what I like because I like it. Since I started living by that philosophy I've gradually grown happier. I might be privileged to be able to live like that, but I believe everyone can do it. It's hard at first trying to shut out what others might think and demolish your own walls, but when you get there it's a great feeling. Everyone should try to get there. I don't plan out what univeristy program may led to an occupation that brings me the most money and success. I wouldn't be happy doing a job I didn't like just cause I got loads of money from it, I'd rather get less money and have fun. Money does not equal happiness.

Happiness is not something ready-made for you to go get somewhere, it's something you have to make for yourself. I'm sure you've heard all of that before. I'm also sure that you've heard that if you concentrate on the positive all the bad will go away. That, however, is not true. If you don't handle the bad things you'll become a maimed person unable to handle the bad and just shoving it away until so much is built up that it just breaks free and instead of handling the little things you'll have a massive depression. By dealing with the bad you can get over it and go back to the positive side of things. By dealing you become a more empathic being and empathy is well needed in this world. Mankind is what we learn, without learning we're nothing. By dealing you learn and become a greater person.

Who knows what could happen
Do what you do just keep on laughing
One thing's true; there's always a brand new day
So you go and make it happen
Do your best just keep on laughing
I'm telling you there's always a brand new day

Also remember that there's always time for anything and everything you want to do. Us young people usually like to rush things thinking that there's a limit and we have to finish our lives before 30. You're only as old as you let yourself be. Your age is only a number that doesn't mean anything. If there's something you really really want to do then do it, if you can't yet then find a way to make it happen soon or at least at some point in your life. You being 20 or 50 doesn't mean anything for the experience. Life is there waiting for you to make the most of it and according to me the best way to do it is to do everything you want to. Do everything you've ever dreamed of. Seriously, you have the time. Give in to your whims. Make your dreams happen. You do have the means to. If not right in front of you, then go look for them. You shouldn't give up on a dream just cause it's so distant. If it's distant - make it less distant!

Think of all the days you've wasted
Worrying, wondering
Hoplessly hoping
Think of all the time ahead
Don't hesitate, contemplate
No, it's not too late

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