Sunday, 1 May 2011

End of April, Beginning of May

On April 29th I had my second presentation in French. Once again I was not that well prepared and I thought it'd be another catastrophe like last time. The other group doing their presentation this day went up before us and I had some time practicing and re-reading my script over and over. Going up I felt really nervous. I tried very hard to hold my notes still, but my hands were shaking. I tried to talk as slow as possible without making it sound forced. I did my part and when it was my partner's turn I started to relax more and on the following discussion I actually participated. So I've had a discussion on nuclear power in French! I think what made me relax was that after my presentation I looked around on the people looking up at me and him and I actually thought that it wasn't that bad. They watched me but I felt like I looked good and had done well. Afterwards I asked two of my friends how I had done and said that I had been really nervous. They seemed surprised to hear I had stage fright and said it hadn't shown at all! I feel so proud! =D My two last assignments were done on this day and now all that's left is the final sprint for the final exams. I feel quite good about them.

April 30th is a holiday in Sweden. It's a day where we light big bonfires and celebrate the definite coming of spring. It's one of the few pagan feasts left and one of my three favourite holidays (the other two being Halloween and Lucia). Unfortunately it seems as if the message has been lost and April 30th is nowadays a day of drinking, partying and playing with fire. For this day we had three friends over; Will, Gisela and her boyfriend Kim, and a lot of booze. We started off by watching some comedians (Steve Hughes, Aron Flam, Johan Glans, George Carlin) on YouTube and making drinks, to get in the mood. Halfway through Carlin we decided to kick off a drinking game, which later ended in a session of Truth or Dare. In this game I found myself kissing and making out (two turns) with a friend, writing words with felt pen on a friend's tummy, being rubbed against and asked private questions. But it was all in a good mood and part of the game. No worries anywhere. Went to bed with a feeling of having been at a great party.

Today I had made plans to meet up with a friend, so after a breakfast consisting of leftover cake from the party I took the bus to the town "next door". We did some girl talk while she was cleaning up the last few things in her flat. Then we started to bake. It had been her idea for us to bake something while we talked instead of just sitting somewhere. So we were making muffins with pear. She melted the butter while I cracked 4 eggs and poured sugar into a bowl. Then I misread flour for milk (mjöl and mjölk in Swedish) and poured way too much milk into the bowl. It was only after I realised that it was wrong and we had to start all over again. But since we only had 2 eggs left we had to ask her neighbour for another pair. Then we managed to make everything correctly and I learned how to slice pears ;) I'm not very good in the kitchen and I felt slightly uncomfortable to begin with, but it became fun after I stopped feeling ashamed for having misread the instructions. When the muffins where finished we had one each along with a cup of red tea. It was very cosy sitting there.

On the way home this song scrobbled on my iPod and I had a strange relation to this song being about me and my barriers. My barriers getting in the way of me... kind of. It becomes quite fun if you interpret it that way ;)

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