Saturday, 21 May 2011

Farther away

My beloved Tokyo is farther away from me now than what it was a year ago. After the 9.0 earthquake in March the Japanese island of Honshu (where Tokyo is) moved 4 m further east and it sank about 66 cm. Considering that it sounds pretty small, they are huge figures.

Sometimes I start to think that if I had waited another year to go to Tokyo. If I had waited another year I would have been 20 years old in Tokyo and I would've been an adult there too. But on the other hand I would've been there during the earthquake and tsunami and it's frightening enough to watch videos on YouTube and see the pictures...

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  1. Turn around, my dear, and look in the other direction. Tokyo is 4m closer to you than it ever was before!

    And when you return, as of course you will, you will indeed be an adult.


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