Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The ugly duckling and her pet

A few days ago I saw one of the few ANTM (America's Next Top Model) epsiodes that really touched me. This is cycle 15 and I've almost caught up. In this episode (skip to 3 minutes in to see the photoshoot) the girls were facing harsh words from their past when they all had been teased or bullied about something. It was a swimsuit photoshoot and they had their hurtful word written all over their bodies along with one word that described them now. For example, there is a lesbian girl there who had the word 'queer' written all over her and then she chose the word 'free' to describe her now. Another girl who is 1,88 m tall had the word 'giant' written all over her and she chose the word 'amazon'. It was all really thoughful and I started thinking about what words I would've chosen. The bad one was easy: 'ugly'. The good one was harder, but the positive words I came up with were 'ugly duckling'. Simply because I never looked like the other girls growing up. I've had pretty much the body I have now since I was 12 years old, and being all finished when the other girls had barely even started gave me all the potential for being 'the ugly one'. But now I've come out on the other side and now I do believe that I'm cute/pretty. I still have a hard time believing people when they say I'm beautiful or sexy, but hey, one step at a time... So I truly am the ugly duckling who grew up different from all the others and still came out on the pretty side.

And now let's move on to something less heavy. Yesterday I picked up my beautiful baby girl (interpret that however you want) and although she was kind of shy and timid yesterday she seems to have gotten used to her new environment today. Her she is:
Today she's been curious and quite the explorer. She's been all over the place. Not too long ago she ran around crazily in her cage, jumping, hopping, running...

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