Friday, 6 May 2011

Once again going environmentalistic on you!

I just read this small article which said that after the nuclear crisis in Japan China has frozen their nuclear plans. Instead China has decided to increase their solar power to 50 GW until 2020. Their current level of solar power is 1 GW. That's the kind of incentive we like! If even the country that produces the most CO2 emissions in the world shows the will to change, then why can't countries that have gone so much further do the same?

Could it be that all my old history books made it sound easy? But when they spoke of the hole in the ozon in the 80s, it seems as if all they did was to pull through a legislation that prohibited the use of freon gases and then we were all fine. Is the wallet in more of a pinch now than what it was in those days? Is that the reason why they can't do the same on fossil fuels? Pull through a legislation that prohibits them. Oil, charchoal, all of them! All countries have the possibilities to use environmental friendlt energy. Wind power, water power, solar power, wave power, geothermal energy... The possibilities to use what the Earth gave us are boundless. But science doesn't seem to move forward. When the oil supply truly ends, that's when the scientists will come up with a cheap solution in 24 hours. When we're out of power and out of oil, that's when they start making ideas. At least that's what it seems like. Not even the countries' leaders can decide upon anything.

Wind. I often hear complaints about the wind power stations being ugly and an eyesore to the view. Well, it's true that they are not very attractive. They are like modern windmills :P But perhaps you should let them work on the power stations' efficency before being concerned about how they look? Right now the power is more important that the appearance. Mankind is a sucker for what's pleasing to the eye. But believe me when I say that the appearance of those power stations is a later problem!

Water. I'm not very fond of this one myself. We shouldn't have animals suffer on our expense. Water power destroy the rivers where salmon and other fish swim. We can't have that and thus water is just a temporary solution.

Solar. Extraordinary! Imagine if we were able to use the power the sun gave us. We can. We already do to a small extent. The problem, especially for us in the north, is that they have no way of storing the energy yet. So in summer when we have loads of sun and don't use as much energy we have lots of it, but in winter when we have hardly no sun we have no energy when we need it so badly.

Wave. This one is hardly ever talked about in the current discussions. It should be! This is according to me the best one. It hardly obstructs the landscape and it can give a lot of power. It's a long, long line full of joints and each joint contains a generator. This long line is extracted in the ocean and it floats. Each wave that hits it creates power inside those joints. They know how to store it and they can put as many joints as they want on those lines. What's not to love? Probably loads of things. Please update me so I can be bitter ;)

Geothermal. I envy Iceland for this. All their heating and power comes from inside the earth. This volcanic island doesn't need any other power supplier as they get everything from the ground itself. I'm jealous.

Fusion. Using the power of the sun itself. Producing the same kind of energy that the sun does in space by fusioning atoms. Less dangerous than nuclear, as efficiant and better than oil. Unfortunately money, once again, plays a big role as well as science that has yet to come up with a secure method to actually to this on a big scale.

Nuclear. Oh, nuclear, nuclear, nuclear... I hate it. Get rid of it. Stop. It doesn't matter if you change the material to thorium. It will get rid of the radioactivity and produce the same amount of energy but the procedure itself is dangerous. It's dangerous because it gets out of control sometimes. I've got a theory that might be completely wrong (cause I'm not a molecular scientist) but I believe that the reason it goes out of control so often (often compared to other power plants) is because it's not natural. Fusion is a natural procedure that happens all the time. That's how the universe was created. But I've enever heard of fission in a natural environment. I've never heard of fission happening outside a nuclear plant. Could it be that it spins out of control so much because we force the atoms to do something that's not natural? Anyway. Nuclear. Produces a lot of energy. People love it because of it. Doesn't make it less dangerous. On this page you can click on each country in Europe and see how many active nuclear reactors they have and how many percent of energy nuclear makes up of that country's energy. This is what I made my presentation in French about.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one left ranting about this issue. It was very fashionable to rant about it around the time An Inconvenient Truth was released. But now I feel like I'm the only one left who's still trying to do something. The only one still stubborn enough to try to make people see. Well, then I am. I don't care. I'll keep at it. Why? Because I love this friggin planet just the way it is and I'm more scared to see it fade away in front of my eyes than I am to actually change my lifestyle.

I don't understand how it can be so hard! How can people be so conceited and lazy that they don't walk or use mass transit? How can it be so hard to move your friggin legs? How can it be so hard to change power company? How can it be so hard to be invested in this planet's future? Your home's future.

And I'm a horrible person because I care more about the climate crisis than about what's happening in northern Africa and the Middle East right now. I don't care about what's happening in Libya or Iran or Pakistan because ultimately I can't even begin to try to help them. I can only sit helpless and watch them try to take their first steps in the right direction. Good for them! While they try to make a difference the industrial developed countries sit on their fat conceited asses and watch while the climate's going to hell. I hate money. I abhor money. In the end all problems come down to money and those too greedy to share.

I'm one of "those people". You know, the people who give money to and support WWF (since 2008). I have bought trees, cherished the forest and bought low energy light bulbs. I dispise stand-by mode. I leave my computer on at night because it takes less energy than shutting it down and starting it back up in the morning. I never leave the light on when I exit a room. I never leave the water running while doing the dishes or washing my hands cause I feel bad. I rather walk than drive or take the bus/train/tram. I love animals and I get happy when I see a butterfly. I even considered becoming a vegetarian once, but realised that I love the taste of meat too much and dislike the taste of vegetables too much. I'm one of those who enjoy the small things. Maybe I'm the lucky one. Maybe I'm the unlucky one. But for my life I can't understand how people can't care about all this. I can't understand how people refuse to try to make a change. Why is it so hard? I didn't do all this five years ago. But it wasn't that hard to change it one thing at a time. Change one thing. Make the new thing a habit and then move on to the next thing. Takes about a month on each thing. I promise, you really make it out to be harder than it is.

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