Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mother Knows Best

I had my last exam yesterday and I hope I did well, it felt way better leaving than I thought it would so hopefully I passed :)

Today is Mother's Day in Sweden and so we went to my grandmother's place. We had some cake and talked, the adults had some coffee :P

Since she is moving out from her house with a large garden into a flat this summer she has a lot of things she's been looking through and asked us if we wanted some of it. Nostalgia flowed as she asked us (me and my sister) if we wanted to keep the toys we used to play with before. My sister kept them all :) We also made a trip down to the basement where she kept all our old fairy tales and Disney books and jigsaw puzzles. Some of them were way too dear to us to let go of. In a little more than a week we will be selling some of our old childhood things at a local flea market. Will be great for all of us if we can get rid of some old stuff ;)

Since it's Mother's Day I will share this with you, from my new favourite Disney film:

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