Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Backing away from nuclear

After the disaster of Fukushima, Japan Germany has made the decision to get rid of nuclear power by the year 2020. Many fear that that means they will return to coal and oil to still get enough electricity out of it, but facts are that they have decided to put their money on renewable resources. Their vision is to have 30% of their energy coming from wind power by 2020. I'm for once impressed with Germany, that such a conservative, heavily industrialized country decides to back away from nuclear. Thing is that this is that first step I've been waiting for someone to take. Germany suddenly rose higher in my point of view. This might also be the push that Sweden needs to finally back away from nuclear and close that shit down. We have way more potential than Germany to successfully get all our energy from renewable resources. We have way more coastline, way bigger streams, way more mountains... We can do all this! Germany proves that all it takes it the political will to go ahead with it. I'm tensely awaiting the reactions from huge industrialized countries like France, UK and USA to start pushing too. Sweden is always slower than the rest of them, so we need that push from several countries to actually have the political will.

But once again I doubt USA. The only country who never signed the Kyoto treaty. Will they ever, ever move away from nuclear and oil before they actually need to? I think not. Like I've said before: Americans seem to be too patriotic to notice that their country is going to hell and that they are falling behind other countries moving forward in terms of electricity, freedom, equality and welfare.

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