Wednesday, 15 June 2011

French, Murakami, music blog and some shopping :)

So it turns out (to no surprise) that I failed the exam in French literary history. It's OK, though. Only 3/4 exams were needed to be able to continue to the next level so technically I passed this semester and I'm ready for the next one. My resit is in August and until then I will have to study as much about French authors as I do kanji and Korean :/ I had actually hoped to pass the test right on the point, but guess not. Darn. Still not freed from the literary history...

I'm steadily finishing off my first book of the summer. "Kafka on the Shore", by Haruki Murakami. I had planned to read something of his for a very long time when a friend lent me this book. I must say that I'm confused as to whether I like it or not. It was very hard to get interested for the first few chapters. But then the supernatural factor kicked in and I got interested. Not in the sense that I couldn't put the book down, but in the sense that I couldn't stop evaluating the questions asked in the book. So I wanted to continue to read to get his version of things. It has an existentialistic element that I never thought I'd come to like, but sometime should be the first, right? I plan to read a lot this summer and slowly start to work through my bookcases. Something I haven't done since my early teens. The next book in line is a fantasy. "The Blade Itself", by Joe Abercrombie. Someone who has read it and has any opinions?

For the past few days (thereof the lack of posts) I've been going through this blog, and by doing so discovered a lot of new music. Mostly different types of rock and metal, but also classic pop songs. Like Talkin' Bout A Revolution and Shout. I'm not finished yet. I'm only halfway through 2010, but thought I'd share it to the world. His grammar keeps giving me chills (it's that bad), but I do enjoy listening through the songs he recommend. If you don't want to download them as I do, you could probably find them all on Spotify and YouTube :P And even if you don't understand Swedish you can still use this blog to find songs. The artist and song title are in the blog post title, you will just not be able to read his reasons for recommending the songs. I don't even read them...

I gave into the temptation last week and made a round of internet shopping at Shock. Yesterday I picked up these at the "post office" (click for larger):

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