Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Kanji and Korean pt. 1

I said I'd start studying kanij and Korean this summer right? ;) Yesterday I started with both. I use the website with all the school kanji + a few more useful ones to study and I pick twelve I don't know or know badly each day. Yesterday's kanji were these:
I've seen all of them before, but since kanji have more than one reading and I wasn't sure on the writing and meaning I picked them. They are all kanji the Japanese children learn in 1st to 2nd grade. Take, ito, mushi, kai, kusa, katana, yumi, ooyake, hiku, dai, chi, mochi, hikari.
I've seen all of these before too and I can read them all, but writing and meaning is a little... less good. These are all from the 2nd grade. So these are the ones for today: ike, hane, kanga, koe, katachi, ki, kado, tani, mugi, nao, iwa, ka.

I also started Korean yesterday. In Seoul I bought a book called Active Korean 1. It has all the proper beginnings and a CD with listening practice. First chapter is all about hangeul, the Korean alphabet (which is much easier than the Japanese ones), but the sounds are on the other hand more difficult than the Japanese ones. I have decided to do one Korean chapter a week so I really learn everything. Yesterday I also bought a Korean dictionary similar to my Japanese one on the British Amazon (evading customs, oh yeah). I have no idea if this plan with Korean is gonna go well or not... But I want to try, since I actually have a book and a CD to learn from.

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