Saturday, 25 June 2011

Midsummer celebration

Yesterday we celebrated a holiday in Sweden; Midsummer. It's one of the few pagan ones we have left and although we hardly celebrate this holiday anymore I love the food associated with this particular holiday, especially the strawberries. Strawberries are the berries of summer in Sweden and we eat loads every summer, either with cream + sugar, whipped cream or vanilla ice cream :)

Anyway, the way we celebrate in my family only applies to traditional food. When I and my sister were small kids we used to have the may pole as well, but not anymore. Except the food what we have now is one of us go out on the fields and ditches close by and pick every kind of flower we can find to make a nice summer bouquet to put on the buffet table :) This year's bouquet (picked by me):

The traditional Swedish food is usually the same on Easter, Midsummer and Christmas with a few exceptions. On the Midsummer buffet table this year we had cherry tomatoes, radishes, pickled herring, salt herring, early potatoes, tomato herring, herb herring, smoked herring, fried herring (yes, any kind of herring is pretty much it for Swedish traditional), chives, sourcream, raw spiced salmon, salmon sauce, and egg halves with caviar on top.

And for dessert, of course, loads of strawberries with whipped cream =D

Obviously we couldn't have midsummer without some rain, cloudy skies and wind. Pretty much standard midsummer weather. After midsummer comes the real summer usually, when it's about 30 degrees and sunny every day. I hate it.


Happy Midsummer everyone :)

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