Tuesday, 14 June 2011

More nuclear

This may not come as a surprise to anyone, but a majority of the Japanese people want to step away from nuclear, according to a recent investigation. It seems like after Fukushima people became aware of how dangerous nuclear really is. This applies for more than the Japanese; the Germans, the Swedes and the Italian as well to mention a few. No one wants to live close to a nuclear plant (close as in a few miles away). No one wants to have anything to do with nuclear anymore.

What happened at Fukushima was a worst-case scenario. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. After Chernobyl they said that the disaster was due to the low security of the plant and the fact that it was in a Sovjet country (i.e. not well developed). But Fukushima was in Japan, a technologically high-developed country with very high security systems, and still this happened. It seemed to open people's eyes, even if just a little. People now want alternatives and they want renweables. I squeal with joy everytime I read this somewhere, because now it feels like we're actually going somewhere.

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