Saturday, 11 June 2011

Summer = Torture

People are usually surprised when I tell them that I don't like summer. I don't blame them, especially not in Sweden. Swedes love their summer; this is obvious seeing to the pop music. Sweden have about the same amount of pop songs relating to summer as the Japanese have relating to sakura (cherry blossom) blooming.

But if you let me explain it will soon become obvious why I hate summer. First off is the temperature. It's too hot, or at least it seems too hot. I live as far south in Sweden as almost possible. Here the temperature usually rises to about 30 degrees in summer, which is awful. In Tokyo I didn't think 30 degrees was that bad, but here... I think it has something to do with the air. When the temperature rises above 23 degrees here the air becomes sticky and heavy, like before a thunderstorm. This doesn't result in a thunderstorm every time, it just feels that way. But since the air is so sticky and heavy it feels hard to breathe, as if there's too little oxygen in the air. You know, the feeling you get when there are too many people in a small closed room.

Second is the sun. I don't like the sun for two reasons. First is because it makes my head spin and gives me a headache because it's always so bright. Second is because the sun seems to have mutually hateful feelings towards me. When I'm outdoors (or indoors for that matter) it doesn't matter if I constantly drink water and fill up with salt and sugar - my head still spins. It doesn't matter if I wear a hat against the sun - my head still spins. It doesn't matter if I wet my forehead and neck with cold water - it dries up in five minutes and my head still spins. I've started wearing sunglasses now, but I can't be indoors without getting a headache unless I cover up the windows.
Also, the sun hates me. If I as much as look at the sun without sunscreen on I get badly burned and a sunrash. Last week I was out in direct sunlight for about an hour without sunscreen. My back got really badly burned. It stinged and itched. Now my back is scaling and it still itches. My arms get full of sunrash after being in the sun for 30 minutes. As soon as the sun shows its ugly face in March I get freckles all over my nose and cheeks. I've even burned my scalp! After I burned my back last week I went to the pharmacy to buy the strongest sunscreen they had. I got home with a childrens sunscreen 50+ adapted for sunsensitive skin, and after putting it on I could actually be out in the sun all day today without getting burned or a sunrash. Still got the headache and spinning head, though.

There are other small reasons too that I don't like summer, one of them is the people. It's so hot and the air is so heavy that people are easily annoyed and easily exhausted. Summer is the time of year when people fight the most and are most pettish. Another is that you drink so much that you have to spend so much time in the bathroom. You're always sweaty and, except for me hating to get sweaty, it's smelly. You shower every day without it making a difference cause as soon as you step out of the shower you're equally sweaty as when you got in. You don't feel like eating because it's so hot, so you're either always hungry or you cover it up with ice cream. You don't want to stand in the kitchen cooking cause it's already so hot, so you rather go out eating. Being in a car in summer is torture. It's extremely hot getting in, but you have to keep the windows closed - otherwise the air conditioning won't work. The seats are hot and it's almost painful sitting down on them in shorts or short skirts and then you burn yourself on the belt buckle.

There are three positive things with summer in my book. First is that I can walk barefoot. Second is that I can go swimming outdoors in the ocean, in a lake or in an outdoor swimming pool. That is the only state of being acceptable in summer - completely soaked in water. Third is that you automatically lose weight, either by not eating much or sweating it out.

And since I'm Swedish these two songs are impossible to not hear during summer. A small taste of Swedens vast array of summery pop songs. If you've been in Sweden May-August you've probably heard at least one of these on the radio

As you can see and hear I'm close to a blasphemer and a criminal for being Swedish and hating summer :/

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