Saturday, 9 July 2011

An average summer day

Thursday was yet another workday for me. This time on the eastcoast. I had never been in the town for more than five minutes before but when the sun decided to show it was undoubtably beautiful. The harbour with the small boats was amazing. However on my way to the station to take the bus back almost all the way to the westcoast I saw the port with the big tankboats and it suddenly wasn't as beautiful anymore. Why did techonolgy wipe out the amazingly beautiful sailing ships? Anyway, this is what the small boat harbour looked like in the sunshine :)

Today I went to my grandmother's with my parents. My grandmother's moving out from her 100sqm (+ basement) to a 68sqm flat. She turned 80 recently and she wants a place without stairs and steps since she's living alone after my grandfather died 24 years ago. So we're helping her out. However moving from a house that's technically 200sqm to a flat of only 68sqm is a very big issue. She's got loads of stuff and furniture that she has no idea what to do with. Some of it are going on auction, some of it are given to mum and dad, some of it are thrown away and some of it she's going to keep. Going through all her stuff there's always something she wants to give to me and my sister. Nowadays it's almost impossible to get away from her place without some new things. My big fear is that she will hand me some very expensive porcelain decoration thingy (I kind of collected them when I was about 6-7 years old and she thinks I still do). Last time she gave me and my sister two Santa elves each than she said had cost 900 sek a piece (about €90). I'm trying to sell off all my old procelain things and here she gives me two more that I can't possibly turn down?! I don't want them! But I can't tell her that... Anyway this time everything went well and I only came home with two (very much needed) duvet covers and an Advent candlestick. I can live with that.

This trip to my grandmother's wasn't really planned and at first it caused a big rupture in my all planned out free day. I tend to get kind of put off when unplanned things interupt the flow of my day. But as soon as I got out the door my mood changed to the better. The weather was nice. The sun wasn't all that tough on the eyes as it uses to be and the temperature was just right. I got off the bus at the train station in my hometown and when I walked down the mainstreet to my dad's office I noticed that there was a cartrunk fleamarket going on at the main square. Cartrunk fleamarkets are getting increasingly popular in Sweden. It means that you park your car on the square and then you put a small table (not wider than your cartrunk) in front of your cartrunk. You can't bring more things than what fits in your cartrunk. There are usually loads of people. Cartrunk fleamarkets are a really big thing in my hometown. Here's a (kind of bad angled) picture of today's fleamarket:

Later at my grandmother's place, just before going back home, we decided to help her out with her cherry tree and pick some of her cherries. We will have to do it again the next time we go over to help her move. There are loads! Here's today's harvest:

I had actually planned to eat at home in Lund, but Dad had bought steak for me as well. One of the good things about going to my parents' place is all the (to us) luxurious food we get. Today it was beef steak BBQ. Heaven! While Dad was doing his thing with the grill the dog was looking at me like this:

And because of harvesting cherries I've had this song on my head for hours:
Simply because she's singing that a couple in love are like two cherries on the same branch... So she sings Sakuranbo over and over and Sakuranbo means cherry...


What's the first thought in your head after reading this? Let me know!