Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hating on people

(old work pictures to the left to make you understand what it is I'm talking about)

Parental behaviour. I've noticed that it's when I work that I hate the most about people (it happens otherwise too, but mostly when I work) and the people I hate the most on are parents. Especially parents of small children, but also bigger children. Sometimes when a family is buying four strips (always special offer on four) they ask their children what kind they want. Then when the kid say something like Sour Apple or Bubblegum the parents say that "You don't like that let's take Strawberry instead". Even my dad dislikes that. If the child is not going to get to choose in the first place, then don't ask the child what he/she wants! I know it all comes down to that the parent doesn't want to be stuck eating something that he/she doesn't like cause the child didn't finish it. But if you don't trust your child's taste, then don't ask in the first place!

Also teach your child to look with their eyes and not with their hands. It pisses me off when ten-year-olds come to the stand and have to touch everything at least twice before they leave. Either they're there alone or their parents don't say a word about it. I mean, come on, when I was ten I had learned to look with my eyes. Even more so, sometimes they don't even tell their four-year-olds to not look with their mouths. But they are usually very quick with telling their two-year-olds that they can't just grab a balloon and/or a wheel-stick and run off with them. So it's wrong to "steal" but not to put other people's things in your mouth? Is it only me who thinks that teaching a two-year-old the definition of stealing is a little bit of an overkill instead of teaching the child that you shouldn't put other people's things in your mouth?

I also encountered very interesting parental behaviour when I worked in a summer kiosk four summers in a row, last year being 2 years ago. For examples they bought an ice cream cone with two or three balls of ice cream on to their 5-year-old, then they let said 5-year-old run around on the playground with the ice cream in hand and then it's my fault when a ball falls off? Apparantly it was my fault cause I didn't put on the ball good enough. Seriously?! Or when a child comes and orders a tray of chips (fries) and asks for loads of BBQ spice on it. I pour it on asking the child to say stop when he/she thinks it's enough. Five minutes later I'm getting chewed out by the mother who blames me for putting too much spice on the chips and now her child can't eat it. Seriously?! Or when the parents give their three-year-old a few small coins and send him/her to the kiosk. The child obviously wants something big, but with those small coins he/she can only afford a few small pieces of sweets. Why send off a child on its own when it obviously doesn't understand the value of money? An even more (in)famous meeting with parental behaviour was one day at closing time a girl asks for a cup of slush ice. I put it on the counter as she speaks with her friend. She turns around and her big inflated bathing toy turns the cup over. She asks for more. I say that no, I turned off the machine after her cup cause I'm closing down. Five minutes later I'm being yelled at by her father who says that it's very ill-mannered of me not to fill up her cup again when I had been the one to turn it over. Excuse me?!

Thing is that children tell lies to parents that are already convinced that their little angel(s) can't do anything wrong. It's ridiculous to blame your own or your child's mistakes on anyone else. You made a mistake. Deal with it. Don't go blameing it on somebody else.

I also dislike it when people don't decide what they want before they approach the stand and demand my attention. Then I stand there with them taking ages to decide (cause it's a life-depending decision whether they choose Strawberry or Melon, or if they're even having strips or if they're having popcorn) while I watch the queue getting longer and longer and longer.

Tourists. I especially dislike tourists from other parts of Sweden. Swedish summer tourists are a pain. I believe Gotland and Öland experience this as much as I do in Skåne. There's also a cultural somewhat vicious circle going on down here in southern Sweden. We talk differently, we have a pretty distinct dialect that all other Swedes either hates or loves. I've mostly encountered people who hate it. Other Swedes think that our dialect make us sound stupid, while we think that the Stockholm and central Sweden dialects make them sound kind of stupid. So when the Stockholmers and central Swedes are down here, they act like they're much better than we are. Actually, the only nice tourists I meet down here are people from other countries. Danes, Germans, Finnish, Norwegian and even the French are much nicer than other Swedes.

Why do tourists have to take up unnecessarily much space on the bus or train? Apparantly suitcases are a very big obstacle to put at a place where they don't take up half the aisle. Funny, I didn't have that problem at the overcrowded underground in Tokyo. How can you have that problem at the, even during rush hour, only moderately crowded buses and trains? Why do all tourists seem to leave their brains at home when they go on vacation? How hard can it be to not stand in the way in the escalators?

Baby carriages. They simply shouldn't be allowed. They take up too much room at buses and trains. Parents walking with baby carriages walk extremely slow and at the same time they take up the entire pavement so there's no way you can overtake that baby carriage without walking on the street. In Tokyo I saw one baby carriage in four months. One! And that was because she had twins. In Tokyo people carry their babies in baby slings. When the child is four years old and start pre-school it stands up on its own in the underground. I've seen five-year-olds being on the underground themselves, all alone. Their mothers meeting them at their home stations, but not following them all the way to school. On the other hand... Can you imagine trying to squeeze a baby carriage into the overcrowded underground? Don't think so. So why should they do it here? Buses tend to sometimes get overcrowded here as well. We could do without those baby carriages. And why, oh why, do they try to fit yet another baby carriage on a bus that already holds two of them? There's only room for two! Get off it!

On another note that fits on both baby carriages and parental behaviour are parents that ignore their children crying their heads off at the bus. It annoys everyone else. So do something about it. Today I watched as a mother forced her three or four-year-old son into his stroller, while he tried his hardest to stand up in it so that he could look out through the window while the bus was driving. He got furious at his mother and screamed so load that it hurt my ears, but the mother still wouldn't let him look out the window. What harm would that do? Honestly. I can understand if you can't keep a small baby quiet, but a toddler? A toddler shouldn't be that difficult. Give it a toy or a dummy, or friggin' let it look out through the window. Just something that takes its mind off of screaming.

Teenagers. Yes, I know. It's not that long ago since I was one. But to quote Cristina from Grey's Anatomy: "I didn't speak Teenage Girl even when I was a teenage girl." I don't understand this adolescent "trying my arse off to be cool"-thing. I don't understand why they have to play loud music on their mobiles, when their mobiles have really bad speakers and it bothers everyone else. I don't understand why girls have to dress like tramps, destroy their hair, put on fake tan and have white lips. I don't understand why boys have to have their pants down by their knees, their caps on the side, talk in slow-motion and just lean against everything they see so that they look cool. I don't understand hair-bands around the legs. I don't understand why they have to brag about that weekend's party and how drunk they were all the way 'til Wednesday and on Thursday start planning the next weekend. I don't understand why it's an accomplishment to have sex early. I don't understand how it can be cool to not understand things. I couldn't understand any of this when I was 14 and I still don't. When I was 14 I dragged myself to school knowing that I'd hate it. Knowing that on every question asked I would know the answer. Knowing that I would get taunted for being a crammer, while I actually didn't study anything at all at home, the others were just plain slow. So yes, adolescent "trying my arse off to be cool" teenagers bother me. When will they all realise that you're so much cooler when you're not trying?


I'm done being misanthropic for today.


  1. Man those aprents sounds horrible. I'd be quite depressed if I had to deal with them all summer. :P

    Thanks you, it's not just me who really dislike tourists.

    Although I believe your making a huge generalisation when talking about these teenagers (because there are perfectly normal teens as well). However, you know those teenagers are not even worth the time you put hating on them. I really dispise them as well but recently it came to me that if these teens keep up this cool to be stupid attitude, we'll have less competition, you know regarding jobs and stuff. :P

  2. All of that is pretty much generalisations. Obviously not all parents are like that, or all tourists or all teenagers. I just point out the groups that bothers me :P

    You got a point that we'll get all the jobs if they keep it up ;) But they do have a tendency to grow out of that attitude as they get older...

  3. I know. For shame, for shame.


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