Monday, 25 July 2011

Two new games, work and friends

Thursday. I decided that it was time to test some new games. I had long since downloaded Shogun 2 Total War and The Sims Medieval. I decided to start out with Shogun 2. It was similar to my favourite Medieval II, but still so very different. Even after the tutorial was over it took some time to get used to the new controls. I didn't play for that long, although I did enjoy that which I played.  I love that the unexplored land is in the shape of a calligraphy map! I'm not sure whether I like the short time limits for the campaigns... But I guess that they are better than the extremely long ones in Medieval II. I'll come back to you! That is after I've grown tired of The Sims Medieval. I got stuck immediately. After I finished the New Beginnings ambition and started anew with the next ambition I was a little put off by the fact that the next ambition start the same way as the last one and that I had to create a new kingdom and couldn't continue with the first one. But I got over that pretty quickly and now I can't stop playing! Wonder if I'll grow sick of this game as well as I did of Spore. But Spore was kind of boring to begin with... The Sims Medieval was just fabulous!

Friday. I played The Sims Medieval until afternoon when we took the bus to my parents home. This was yet another workday. This time at Öja Krog, close to Ystad on the south coast. Dad sometimes sell sweets and snacks there when there's a concert. This time the main act was Jerry Williams. Opening acts were John Lindberg Trio and Sven Ingvars. Dansband + rockabilly ftw... Or not. If it wasn't for the money I wouldn't have been there to begin with. I would've stayed home to play The Sims Medieval xD And it was slow. Too few people and too much time.

Saturday. Woke up early to get the early bus home. At 3pm I took the bus to Malmö to meet up with Kajsa. We bought our things for that night's BBQ and after a quick fresh-up at her place walked to the meeting place and met up with Rickard, Didrik and Tiffany. It was great to have the whole old group back together :) Ofc it was a little awkward in the beginning, not having seen eachother for over 6 months. Tiffany studies in London and Rickard in Uppsala (600 km up north in Sweden from us). So we don't really have that many opportunities to meet all of us in one place. But in summer and for Christmas when everyone is home for vacation we always meet up at least once. This time we had decided for BBQ and we did it at Rickard's parents' place (since they were out of town). After the slightly awkward feelings before dinner everything turned back to normal... Meaning crazy. It's been some time since I laughed so hard that my stomach ached continuosuly :) Even more so after the boys had gotten quite a few beers each and both a tequila bottle and a vodka bottle were brought out. It was my first time testing tequila and it was quite fun. I swear, the boys go even crazier than usual when they're tipsy (*cough* drunk *cough*) xD

Sunday. I wanted to take it slow today. Just relax and breathe. So first I slept 'til noon and then I played The Sims Medieval all day :)

Monday. Today I had a meeting with my new optician. Since I'm still kind of newly moved in here. That didn't go as planned. I expected a quick exam and then out again with a new bunch of contacts to pick up at a different time. Well... No. Turned out I need completely new contacts. I'll get a different kind that doesn't dry up when I forget to blink while playing computer games or accidentally fall asleep on the bus. I also have a new acuity apparantly. Worse than before. Now I'm down to - 8.0. 8.0!!! I'm practically blind. Well, I knew that before. Without contacts or glasses I can only see colours and where they break against eachother. I can't see a face clearly if the person is farther away than right in front of me. So that was kind of depressing. A few days ago I also realised that it's only a month left until my resit exam so today I started my study race. And yes, I'm still try to force the French authors into my head. In the evening after Love and Fluff had made chocolate Dime cupcakes I gave up on studying for today and went back to playing The Sims Medieval while having a delicious homemade cupcake ^^


  1. Haha, it was an awesome night all in all. Thanks for linking to my blog! :)

  2. The Edward Cullen thinkwas hilarious xD

    You're welcome :)

  3. Good god, I just laughed out loud thinking about it. XD You guys are crazy.


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