Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I believe autumn is already here. Waking up every morning discovering that the temperature is only 15 degrees, the skies are grey and it's windy. It makes me happy. The leaves are already starting to turn yellow and have even begun falling to the ground.

Today after I picked up a parcel from the post office I was taken by surprise on my way home when the sky suddenly opened up and heavy rain starting pouring over me. It was cold rain, so no summer rain and with the strong wind it was quite some trip home and I was soaked to the bone when I got through the door.

The award?

Sitting in front of my computer dressed in nothing but a sweater two sizes too big, and with a large steaming cup of spiced chai tea for company. Had it been a little colder I would've had a blanket in my lap.

What I picked up? A book for autumn reading: "Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow", by Katy Towell. Towell has been hosting a web page for years containing some of my favourite clips of little girls being mean and scary. Cartoons obviously, but they're so delightfully morbid. The longer ones (the 8 minutes ones) are always good stories. When I heard she had released a book I bought it immediately and got to pick it up today.
Here are my two favourite clips:

A story clip called "When Genevieve ruled the world"

A shortie with zombies called "El Despertar"

If the clips don't work at first try refreshing the page and they should work...

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