Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Full day in Malmö

We have this week off, so I and Love decided to spend this entire day in Malmö. Which resulted in me being about 2000 SEK (€205) poorer and me getting a sunrash all over my chest (and possibly on my scalp). But it's been a cosy day, even better that it ended in heavy rain and a thunderstorm.

To begin with we took the bus to Spångatan and then walked from there to Möllevångstorget. I've talked about those Asian food stores there and I wanted to show Love. The biggest one isn't very fresh, actually it smells kind of iffy. The second one is much, much better. Everytime I walk into those stores I wish I knew more than three words in Chinese. I wish I could surprise them by talking to them in their own language. That's always fun! Anyway, these two visits ended with us having four different tastes of Pocky (chocolate, strawberry, chocobanana and milk) and two different tastes of Colon (chocolate and strawberry). Then we ventured further to Södervärn to have lunch at China Box. An awesome place where you get to pick two Chinese dishes, rice or noodles and a sauce for only 59 SEK (€6)/box.

After lunch we continued to a shop called Taboo. This is exactly what it sounds like. It's a shop for sex toys, and although I rarely find something useful in there it's pretty fascinating just being there. Love had never been there and I just had to show him, though admittedly I think he was the one who wanted to go the most after I told him about the place. The place isn't like you'd imagine a sex shop. Instead of a sleazy old man behind the counter there are usually only female staff members, lower middle age, knowledgeable, and not that uncomfortable to ask for advice etc about a subject that many would find uncomfortable to speak of. And no, they are not dressed in maid uniforms.

Next stop was Shock. The store where I buy loads of clothes, but online. I can do some recon there, but I hardly ever buy anything from the physical shop. Love had to ask for some advice on his pair of Dr. Marten's that he had gotten as a Christmas present from his father 1½ years ago. Then we continued to the Science Fiction Bookstore. A place full of geekyness. I'm usually not as interested in the books as I am in everything else. Love bought himself a Cthulhu T-shirt. Whereas I finally bough this cardgame that I've been considering for ages, and I also found this wonderful book that'll probably teach me loads!

The journey continued to a place in central Malmö, commonly known only as The Pier (Bryggan). We bought ourselves a soft ice each and then went down to sit on the pier. It was a clear sky and really warm sitting there, and loving water as much as I do, I took of my shoes and soaked my feet in the canal water. I mean, they're my feet. I walk on them. They probably get the most "beating" of any of my body parts, so no, I don't care if I soak them in dirty water. The water felt freezing at first, but after a while it was actually quite pleasant. We sat there for a while, in the small half-quiet oasis in central Malmö and played with our feet in the water. (How do you take pictures of your feet without your calves being huge?)

Later we picked up our stuff and put our shoes back on again to walk the final bit down to the mall called Entré. The only place in Malmö that hosts the store New Yorker. When we arrived we discovered to our convenience that there was a sale going on! This sale ended in me going home with a new pair of jeans, three T-shirts and a bra.

While in town we had recieved a message from Love's dad that the people we stayed with in London had arrived to Lund. (The man is originally Swedish and his wife is Brazilian Japanese and they both live in England xD) Of course we wanted to meet up with them at least once during the week they're here (so perfectly matched with the week we have off) so we met up with them down at the English pub in Lund's city centre after we dumped the bags in our flat and changed clothes. By now the wind had gotten really strong and storm clouds were gathering up in the sky. We went indoors from the pub's open-air café and pretty soon after we went inside the sky fell down. Rain was pouring down, still we managed to get som take away sushi to his Love's father's place and thus we had to get there through the pouring rain. Seven wet people later we arrived at his place and had some sushi and talked for some time. About 8pm Love and I decided that it was time to go back home. We left and the weather was still grey, but with no rain. Unfortunately it had turned really chilly. There was no bus coming any time soon so we decided to walk home. Halfway there the heavens opened up again. We stood under a roof for some time, watching the rain, until it kind of faded and we took the chance to get home.

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