Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hateful summer

Today's been one of the worst days thus far this summer. I actually got up and thought it a pleasant day. It looked nice from indoors, it was even a little windy. I dressed in canvas pants and a vest and got out to run some errands. It was a nice walk to the bus stop, it was a little too hot to stand still and wait, but walking around sufficed to keep me cooled down. I picked up my ordered items at the "post office" and then got on the bus to get to the pet store. I even bought something cold to drink while changing buses. Thus far, all good. When I got off the bus outside the pet store the heat had gotten really bad (around 12.30pm). I bought what I needed for my pet rabbit and then got on the bus back to the city centre. There I had an about 20 minute walk home. Those 20 minutes were some of the worst of my life. The pressuring heat, sweating, and for the last 10 minutes I just wanted to drop everything I was carrying and sit down at the road side and cry my heart out, I was so exhausted. I got home and dropped everything in the hallway and fell into bed. My heart pounding without me being out of breath, my pillowcase soon soaked with sweat and a few tears and my clothes sticky. After about 10 minutes I got up showered my head and face in cold water, had some water to drink and something to eat and I felt somewhat better.

Love and I were supposed to help out at his father's festival today and got there immediately after this to help carrying and putting stuff into place. Turned out to be more activities in the heat. After we finished we had a break during which we went to buy ice cream and got back home for about 45 minutes. Once again I showered my head and face in cold water (this would be much more effective if my hair didn't dry up in 20 minutes...). When we got back down there it was about 5pm and the sun was a little lower, the heat was slowly fading. But not until 8pm I actually thought it was a pleasant day again.

Aren't the body supposed to release endorfines when you've done some body work and/or exercising? I just feel miserable being hot, exhausted and sweaty. The misery slowly fades, but in my case it's not replaced by a feeling of having done a good job and being pleased with myself. It's replaced by a feeling of relief that it's over. There's a reason the only exercising I enjoy is walking. Unfortunately summer makes me feel like I'm doing some heavy exercising 24/7.

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