Friday, 30 September 2011


Last post of the month. Summer seems to refuse to let go and today the temperature was back up above 20 degrees, even the air couldn't stay chilly. The other days this week, the sun's been out and it's been about 18 degrees but the air and wind have been chilly enough make one want to wear a jacket, and I like that. Tomorrow it's October and officially autumn, let's just hope the weather realises that too.

I refuse to accept that it's not fully autumn yet and I've put away all my shorts and brought out all my tights and knitted shirts. It's time to sit in the sofa in the evenings with a big knitted shirt and woollen socks and a steaming cup of tea! The scenery outside is astounding. A breath-taking mixture of yellow, orange, red, brown and light green. This is what the university library looks like nowadays:

This day I've spent cleaning. Scrubbing this flat 'til it gleamed. I've heard of spring cleaning, but I'm more of an autumn person, so cleaning for the winter suits me better ;) Well needed anyway. Didn't have any classes today so I spent the day hoovering, washing the floor, doing the dishes and doing the laundry. On the other hand I got to spoil myself with sushi and crisps with dip in the evening :D Tomorrow I'm going to IKEA with Mum and hopefully that will mean curtains, hatrack and larder. There are some things to do still until this place is exactly the way I want it. I'm trying to get it that way until my birthday when all of my family is coming here, and I want them to see "the finished product" ;) But those three mentioned above are must haves tomorrow!

Autumn is the season of acoustic songs. But I couldn't decide if I should share "You" by the Pretty Reckless, or "Heartbeats" by José González, so I'll go ahead and give you both :)

"You" - The Pretty Reckless
Cosy song, one that will most definately end up on my new autumn playlist :)

"Heartbeats" - José González
If you recognise the song it's probably from this TV ad. I love it and can watch it over and over. Colour is pretty.

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