Wednesday, 21 September 2011

How school has been so far

Woke up today with an extremely sore throat. I wouldn't have minded it, I've gone to school with a sore throat before (that's about everything I get when I'm sick with tonsillitis), but when I tried to get up from the bed I got very light-headed and felt very weak, so I decided to stay home from class. This is such a bad week for me to get sick, seriously! I got a debate in French tomorrow, and we hardly ever have this guy's classes. I didn't speak a lot last semester and I had firmly decided to do so now so that he could get an idea of how much French I actually do know. And now I'm sick, the world is a cruel place. Earlier today I wanted to go tomorrow no matter how I felt when I wake up, but I think I have decided against it now. It's better if I send him an e-mail explaining that I'm sick and apologising for not being able to attend the debate. That way I can rest one day more, seeing as I'm going to a concert on Friday and the theater on Saturday.

I have not told you anything about this semester, have I? Well, it's much better than last semester! Remember those girls I hated on? They're not here anymore. Also the class consists of only 9 people myself included, which somehow makes me feel a little safer and I talk more, I laugh more and I try to reach out more. Of course the classes are also more advanced now, everything is in French, they only translate single words, that they don't expect us to know, into Swedish. Our first class for the semester was called "Text and production of text", a fancy way of saying literary history. Yes, we still have that. This year we're going to read books by Mauriac, Le Clézio, Balzac, Beckett, Ionesco and Nadeau & Barlow. She started out and I felt proud after that class. Proud that I had understood everything she had said and actually been able to listen to her (she has a very annoying way of speaking).

That pride was soon taken away as we had our first class in the next subject "Writing and translation". I'm pretty sure this girl is originally Swedish, but she speaks French like a local and it's extremely fast. She asked us once if she talked too fast and everyone (including me) said no. I want to learn to understand her! She can't speak slower for us! This subject includes one translation, review or some small writing to be done and handed in before or at every class. Meaning one or two hand-ins a week! We also have grammar during these classes, but the grammar now isn't the elementary things. It's advanced. It's all about those small picky things that you hardly ever notice. I had that in English C-level in sixth form as well, so I know all about picky grammar. But just to be certain I bought an extra grammar book to read in Swedish just to be sure I get all of it down. This class is actually the hardest we have.

Third class introduced was oral, with the same guy as last semester. He told me after the exam last semester that it was hard for him to decided whether or not to give me a passing grade since I hadn't talked a lot during classes and discussions, and I was so incredibly nervous during the oral exam. So I decided, as mentioned above, to try to talk as much as possible. I'm also reading the recommended side-lecture for this course, just to get on the top of my game. This class will probably be the hardest on my confidence as it was last semester.

Fourth and final class introduced is phonetics. It's also the only class we have midterm exams in, then it's over. It will come as no surprise to anyone that this is the most boring subject there is. The book is extremely confusing (my huge grammar book contains phonetics too. Lucky!) Fortunately we have the best teacher ever. Best teacher ever in the sense that he makes phonetics fun. Phonetics was the only class we had on Monday and it consisted of him talking about how it worked all the while giving away funny anecdotes and making funny gestures. We got to learn Parisian accent (sounds extremely weird and funny!) and then he ended it with a little game. Amanda got up to the whiteboard, Sara said a French word (from a list in the book) and Amanda had to write it in phonetic signs and we got to tell her if it was right or wrong and correct her. They switched roles. Then it was my turn to get up to the whiteboard and Terese to tell me a word. Same procedure, then switch roles. Amina and Göran got up. Final pair was Marlene and Simone. In the end I was the only one to get it right to begin with. I got words of praise from both teacher and and some of the students. Once again English C-level plays a role. We did phonetics there too and the only new phonetic signs I had to learn were the nasal ones. But the appraisal had me walk on clouds the rest of the day. This will probably be the funniest class of the semester.

I started another blog to blog in French, just to be able to work on my French and get used to thinking in that language. I'm serious about this semester and I will work hard to pass my exams. If I feel better tomorrow I have a lot to do...

Since I've been sick today as well, the day has mostly consisted of doing nothing, also almost eating nothing. I lose every ounce of appetite I have as soon as I get sick. Got up around 11am. Had breakfast (half a bowl of cereal) and read the news. Sat on sofa with cover and pillow from the bed watching episodes of Gummi Bears and random episodes of Code Lyoko. Love gave me an ice cream before he went out to have lunch with a friend. Took a nap while he was gone. Got me a huge home made (the boys, e.g. Fluff and Love, were baking this morning) cinnamon bun when he got back. Moved from sofa to computer (about 1m) to build houses and play The Sims 2, mostly build houses. Love bought me sushi for dinner and watched an episode of Heroes with me.

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