Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hair and old old pictures :)

So I redyed my hair. It had gotten too blond again. Now I'm back to a really really dark red (probably new profile picture tomorrow if I can get a good one). Dark hair again! Wooo! :D

I know that in most parts of the world (it not all over) my original colours and looks are the ideal. Fair blond hair, big blue eyes, tall, really fair skin... You get the picture. In any other part of the world I'd look special and interesting and unusual. Here I look like any other girl. I'm standard Swedish, standard Scandinavian, standard northern Europe... I got sick of it when I was 15. That was the first time I dyed my hair. I wanted it black, but I didn't read the instructions and the recommendations thoroughly enough and I ended up with purple hair. Got no picture of that on my computer, but I know there's supposed to be one photo somewhere at my parents place of how I looked back then. Purple hair and black eyeshadow. Then the dye disappeard and I got blond again. I kept it for a while but cut it really short. It was kind of cute the way I styled my hair back when I was 16.

When it got long again I tried my luck with bangs. Shouldn't have done that. The worst idea ever. I looked really cute in bangs as a child, but not as 17. Then I started dyeing my hair again. Red. It's pretty much always been red since I was 18. There have been periods when I've been back to blond but not very long periods. Because of the red it's also been all different shades of orange and pink.

In Japan I was pretty content with my blond hair for a change, but then on the other hand I didn't see that darned blond hair all the time on all the other people. Also I had a pretty nice haircut :P

This year I've tried my luck with brown, copper (no picture) and now really dark red.

Also Kajsa got the idea to try out pin-curls on me a few months ago. I haven't shown you the pictures from that adventure. I'm not sure if I liked the look of it, though. But it was pretty fun :)

I'll end this post with this comic from Scandinavia and the World. It's a stereotype, but unfortunately it's not that far from the truth...

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