Friday, 25 November 2011

End of semester, end of year

I'm feeling a lot better now. Life is moving on and I need to do that too. I'm itching for the holidays. There are two weeks left of the semester! I have three exams to do, but I'll probably be OK. One of them is tomorrow and it's one of those that are almost impossible to study for. We will be given a Swedish text to translate to French and one small assignment where we write something of about 300 words and we have four hours to complete it. How do you study for that? I've been going through the texts that we have done this semester, I'm checking up on some grammar that I'm not completely certain about, I'm trying to memorise certain vocabulary and expressions that show up in the texts and I'm trying to understand what it is I've done wrong while translating these texts and learn from my mistakes. Is there anything else I can do to prepare for tomorrow? I can't think of anything so this will pretty much be a test to see if I've improved and learned anything this semester :P I feel more comfortable speaking and writing French now than when this semester started and definately since last semester, but I want to be as fluent in French as I am in English. Which would mean that I have to start hearing French all the time, but I'm simply not that interested in anything French except the language. I could watch the Asterix and Obelix films... Those are kind of funny. If I can find them in French.

Anyway let's move on to something funny :) Soon it's Christmas! Yes, I'm allowing myself to start thinking about that now. After all it is the First of Advent this Sunday! Which means lit candles, mulled wine, gingerbread and everything that comes along with it. The Christmas displays started showing up at the end of October. October! For crying out loud! I've been completely ignoring everything Christmasy until the end of this week. No thinking about presents or food or celebrations before the week of First of Advent. That's my rule.

I'm eagerly awaiting the first snow, but it seems quite far yet. The temperature still refuses to go below 6 degrees. The first frost. Getting up in the morning (well, about 10am) opening up the curtains and finding the world glaced with ice. It's so beautiful looking out at a landscape that resembles a gingerbread land :P Then at the first snowfall I always take a walk. Snow means snowball fights, which I love. Snow means being able to trudge through the snow as I now do through heaps of leaves. Simply put I love this time of year. October to March is the best time of year :) The sun now seems to have given up, which makes me happy because it means that I no longer will get a headache from looking out the window. I love that already at 3pm they have to light the street lighting because the sun is starting to set. I love that it's only bright outside between 9.30am and 2.30pm. Also, the world smells wonderfully when it's cold and snowy. The only negative thing about this time of year is that the municipalities don't seem to be able to handle snow, the fact that snow falls each year still comes as a shock to them. The buses are late by up to half an hour or cancelled. The trains can get stuck, cancelled or they're hours late. Cars fall off the roads and it's hilarious to watch people that still insists to try and ride their bikes through the snow.

I think I'm gonna watch Love Actually at dinner. It's that time of year again :D


  1. Jag tycker att det känns som om butikerna förlänger jultiden med typ en månad varje år. Till slut kan man ju inte värja sig mot trycket x)

    Kul att höra att du mår bättre idag, för övrigt.

  2. Jag håller med dig om att böcker oftast är snäppet vasare om de blir lästa i originalspråk. Som läsare kan jag känna mig sliten mellan det där, att läsa på ett språk jag förstår in i minsta detalj eller gå miste om någon ton eller stämning på grund av en slarvig översättning. Jag läser mest på svenska, men jag har en tendens att läsa ungdomsböcker på engelska om jag kan få tag i dem.

    Hm, ja, du har rätt.

    Hm... men för dem är ju Twilight en lika stor grej som Harry Potter. Jag tycker inte att Twilight närmar sig HP, men det är ju min åsikt. Personligen kan jag tycka att allt som väcker läslust hos unga människor är bra. Jag kan se de bra sidorna hos Twilight också, det är inte all bad.

    Jag läser också mest skräck och böcker med övernaturliga inslag. Stephen King är favoriten :)

    Oj vad svårt det låter med franska. Jag tänker bara på min mardrömsframlkallande högstadiefranska :( Låter extremt kul dock, lycka till!

    Tack, fast jag gör inte min själv :P Bloggers mall, med lite modifikationer. Önskar jag var bättre på html och sådant. Och ja, lite weird att texten är på tyska, men jag gillar den ändå :)


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