Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas baking part 1

Didn't have time to do it all in one day xD We will be continuing on Sunday :)

For this round we made gingerbread, saffron buns and Christmas sweets. My sister and I started out with the gingerbreads while Mum started making the dough for the saffron buns, while the stereo in the living room was playing Christmas songs. It's always a lot of fun making gingerbread, or rather Christmas baking overall is always a lot of fun :) We never have any icing on the gingerbread though, Mum doesn't like icing ;) So that takes away a part of the baking, but we've never done it and we don't really miss it. Anyway, we buy the dough for the gingerbread premade. Gingerbread dough is heavenly, though! Tastes so much better than when the cookies are done :P Incidentally so thinks our dog. She loves gingerbread, and not only the cookies, but also the dough!

We always make all the classic gingerbread forms; Christmas trees, hearts, hubbys and ladys ;) But we also have some special ones. Two huge forms, one of Mickey and one of Donald that I think my parents bought in the States when they (and I) were there at Disney World in 1991 (don't remember shit). They are really huge and usually we don't make these anymore (used to when I was little) because they have to have an oven sheet all to themselves or the smaller forms will burn. But the special ones we do make are Pippi-forms and Moomin-forms! Here are some pictures :)

I forgot to take pictures of the finished saffron buns! It's really hard to make those look good! Only Mum got the knack for it! It's a lump of dough you roll in your hands so they become long strings and then you make shapes like S:s of them. It's really hard! Here's a picture of the unfinished product:

Then of course it was time for the Christmas sweets. I remember when it was Mum doing most of this and my and my sister's jobs were to put almonds on top. But now I make them ^^ Simply you put water in a saucepan and wait for it to boil, when it boils you turn down the heat and put a soup-plate on top. In the soup-plate you put milk chocolate (in Sweden there's specific melting chocolate :P) and wait for it to melt. Then there are various ways to make sweets. We usually have four different kinds. The first kind is small almond icing cubes covered in the melted chocolate and then we put an almond on top of each. The second kind is puffed toasted rice (I don't really know what it's called in English, this kind) and make small lumps of puffed rice and melted chocolate (heavenly!). Those first two kinds are made with milk chocolate. The next two are made with dark chocolate. The third kind is practically the same as the first kind, although made for the adults. Before putting the almond icing cubes in the chocolate Mum puts a drop of punch on each cube. Other than that they are the same. The third kind is usually cornflakes and raisins mixed together with the melted dark chocolate to make lumps similar to the ones with puffed rice, but we had forgot to buy cornflakes xD So we chopped up the rest of the almonds and made lumps with chopped almonds and dark chocolate instead. Hopefully they will taste great anyway :) 
And I forgot to take pictures of these as well...

Next time we will be making klenor, rosettes and almond cakes.

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