Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas baking part 2

Last part of the Christmas baking! First part is here.

So this time Dad, my sister and I started out making the almond cakes. We have three shapes; hearts, circles and diamonds. Most of them are diamonds. It's pretty funny to make them. You butter up the inside of the frame with melted butter. Then you take a small lump of the dough and then you use your thumbs to flatten it across all of the frame. Not too thin cause then you can't get them out of the frame, but still kind of thin so the finished product still has a kind of hole in the middle. Because of the thumb thing we call them thumb cookies usually xD I tend to forget their real name xD
Before being taken out of the frames
Finished product :)
I'm not usually a big fan of these. I think they're too dry and you have to take a sip of water in-between every bite or your mouth will completely dry up. But this time we accidentally used too much butter and too little flour and suddenly the cakes were very luscious and not at all dry :) Success!

While we were making the almond cakes, Mum was starting out on the dough for klenor.This dough has to be made the day before. So today she tucked it out and started to shape the cookies. It's kind of interesting cause you make a kind of diamond shape and then a cut in the middle of it. The top goes into the hole and you turn the whole piece inside-out :P Then you fry the cookies in coconut fat. Here's the procedure in pictures:
Pieces turned inside-out
Fry pieces in coconut fat
Finished product

After a coffee break (my sister and I had hot chocolate), Dad started making the rosettes. He's pretty much the only one in the family that manages to make them properly xD Basically you have some kind of iron with a flower shape on. You dip it in the mixture and then again dip it in coconut fat. The trick is to make sure that none of the mixture happens to get on top of the iron (just in the bottom and around) or it'll stick to the iron. You also have to make sure that you don't keep the mixture in the coconut fat for too long or the rosette will fall off the iron. The rosettes are then dipped in sugar and left to dry :) They look like this when finished:

Also, my sister managed to talk my mum into making toffee this year. We don't make it very often cause my mum doesn't like to melt sugar xD That's one of the reasons why we no longer have any gingerbread house. Another is that last time we made a gingerbread house Dad managed to drip melted sugar on his thump that ran alongside it and later he got a huge blister across the entire side of his thumb xD That's why. But she talked Mum into it this year and we got delicious delicious home made toffees! Yay! :D

Fourth of Advent has now come and gone. Christmas is at the door. I have two gifts left to buy, but I know what they'll be. Christmas is at the door. Now I'll go make another post about that...

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