Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas, the controversy

Unless it actually starts to snow I doubt I will have time to make another post so I'll just go ahead and make this one.

I love Christmas. I do. It's the cosiest holiday around. I love the atmosphere around it. The burning candles and most of the food. I love the family traditions. But seriously there are parts of Christmas that I can't stand and that I'd love to just not hear about.

I hate it when people exaggerate the lights. Americans are very good at that. Swedes tend to just have an electric candlestick or a star in each window and then we're done with the lights. But there are those who stick those friggin lights in every tree in their garden, every bush at their front yard. Blinking Santas and reindeers just drive me crazy.

Then we have to thing with Christmas shopping. Eveery goddamned year we beat the record. Every damn year we beat last year's sales and go past this year's expectations. Why? Why, why, why? I feel bad inside when I hear the rapports of how much money we spend on shit. Apparantly it's how many presents you get that counts, not what's inside of them.

I hate that everything is so exaggerated. Like with the food. We spend 11 months of the year trying to eat right, exercise and stay away from things that are bad for the heart and colesterol and everything. Then we go eat loads of meat and sweets in two-three friggin days. I probably eat more meat during Christmas than I do for the rest of the year. It's not that I don't like the taste of it. I do. It's just the sheer amount of food...

Then we have the shoppers. The streets are teeming with them. Shoving, hurrying, yelling over the phone... Completely stressed out people. They say that we are stressed out from work, but sometimes I wonder if it's not the Christmas stress that shows for the rest of the year. I dread going out these few remaining days until Christmas. It's gonna be crazy. It's been bad for the last two weeks or so, but now it's just gonna be ridiculous.

This is what I will have on repeat for a few days now.

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