Thursday, 29 December 2011

A kind of girly questionnaire

Okay, so recently I've found four of those questionnaires that you're supposed to do over a month, answering one question a day. But I hate doing that and I haven't actually seen many people finishing one of those xD That's why I take it all in one go. This one is originally in Swedish so I'll translate the questions. But it's also very girly and, actually, I'm not too sure if I'll be able to answer all of the questions ^^; But I'll do my best :P

1. Tell us about yourself
Well, my name is Elin and I'm 21 years old. I'm a linguistics geek and I love to learn languages. I'm a nerd overall and I like to play games and learn way too much about certain things. Harry Potter is my biggest subject. Right now I'm studying French at the local univeristy and this autumn I'm going to continue on my Japanese. The goal is to be a translator or maybe a linguistics expert. I'd also love to live in Tokyo.
2. The city you live in
I live in Lund. Sweden-wise it's a large town, world-wise it's very very small. We only have a little over 100,000 inhabitants in the entire municipality. Anyway we have one of the best and largest universities in Sweden. It's a very old and cosy town and I love to live here. Many areas in the city centre are still left the way they were in the medieval period. This is beautiful, but it also makes for a very difficult city to drive in xD Probably the reason why almost everyone bike everywhere, always, even with half a mtre of snow...
3. Your friends
I don't have a lot of close friends. I usually only count 6 people into that category and out of those only two are very close. But there are still friends I hang out with a lot. Most of them are nerds just like me. Most of them are also weird in some way. I tend to run into all those weird people :P I like it!
4. A person you look up to
Hmm. If we're talking role models then I don't have any.
5. A picture of yourself from a year ago
Picture of me taken in Japan in 2010... That will have to suffice.

6. The blogs you read
Pretty much only my friends' blogs. So that'll be those in the list to the right.
7. Who's the funniest person you know?
Does it need to be someone I know and have met? Otherwise I'll have to say this guy.
8. Picture of your mobile

9. The content of your bag is...?
I don't really have a handbag... But what I always bring with me are mobile, keys, camera, iPod and wallet. But usually in my pockets...
10. What does your future looks like?
I have seriously no idea, and I don't like to plan things too far ahead. Right now the plan is to finish my education and get my degrees. Then we'll see.
11. A picture of someone you miss

12. A picture of an animal that means a lot to you
The picture above and these two gamines:

13. A picture someone else has taken of you
This is one of my favourite pictures of me. Taken in Tokyo.

14. Your biggest dream
To go back to Tokyo and be able to live there and stay there for a very long time. Also travel all over Asia.
15. A person/star you wish you'd met
Alice Cooper. Next time he comes to Sweden or Denmark I'll make sure to buy a VIP pass!
16. This is what I do on weekends
Play games, blog, write, read, study, hang on communities, hang with friends
17. This is where I want to go before I die
To be quite frank: I want to see all of the world before I die :P
18. This is where I prefer to shop
19. Your closest friends
Cicci, Kajsa, Tiffany, Didrik, Rickard, Love
20. Picture of what you bought last
21. Favourite place
Actually I think my favourite place is in Malmö in summertime. The bridge in the canal that's next to one of those trees with hanging branches that touches the water. You can sit on the edge of the bridge and bathe your feet in the chilly water. It's a really cosy place and a place where I can stay for hours. There's also a kiosk nearby that sells soft ice :)

22. A TV-series you love
A present one? I'd have to go with Sherlock or Downton Abbey.
23. Your favourite nail polish
I really don't do my nails very often. It's years since I last did it seriously. But I do own a black one. I don't have any favourites though.
24. A picture on your computer
From when we went on hanami alongside the Meguro River. I think this is one of my favourite pictures from the entire trip to Japan.
25. I'm addicted to this
I have no idea. Right now I guess I'm in a new period of The Sims 2, so I can always say that...
26. Something you want right now
27. Your future wedding
I'm not really planning on getting married, and unlike most girls I haven't planned my wedding since the age of 5. I hardly even care. As long as I'm with a person I like I don't really care if we're married or not.
28. Picture of the makeup you usually use

29. I had this for breakfast
My breakfast habits changes. For spring and summer it's usually milk and cereal. For autumn and winter it's usually oatmeal and for Christmas it's gingerbread curdled milk. Right now it's the latter:
30. Five good things that has happened during these 30 days
Well I can't really answer that question properly. Good things that has happened in the last thirty days? 1. I passed my course. 2. I finished my essay. 3. Christmas. 4. Meeting with old friends. 5. Finding a friend who loves the story I'm writing :D

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