Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Post-Christmas 2011

The Christmas holidays are finally over with. I've been living in a bubble at my parents' place. It's cosy being back there and I like being there! But I know that I'll only like being there for as long as the holidays go on. As soon as school kicks back up or I have to get out of the house and realise that I'm back at that hellhole I won't like it anymore. That's why even considering to move back isn't an option!

Anyway, back to Christmas...

This year Christmas was very traditional and I won't even go into details. There will be other years when I can describe my standard Christmas. I got some really nice gifts, though! Mostly things I needed (a sign of growing up, yes?) rather than things I really wanted. This is what I got: a new mattress pad for my bed, a clotheshorse (needed to dry bath towels on!), a breadbasket (way better than having all those different kinds of bread lying about), new towels and bath towels (yay!), a warm cosy wool blanket ^^, a new stereo with iPod docking (!), Nightwish's new album, a package with bath salt, body lotion and body scrub, and 200 sek :) It was a good year :)

Now I'm back on the training track. I can't believe how much I've eaten over Christmas (as per usual) and from today on I'm starting early with my New Years resolution; no more sweets or chocolate. I've had this one before, but now I really think it's going to work! I don't like sweets anymore. It just doesn't taste good anymore. As for the chocolate, well usually I'm done with it after just one piece so why bother getting it at all? Now I just need to convince my brain that I actually do not like sweets so that it stops bothering me with requests of sweets :/

I'm going to start working on a new layout soon! A new year makes for a new layout! And tomorrow I have a big dinner with my closest friends :D Is gonna be awesome as usual!

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