Monday, 5 December 2011

Something small...

Sorry for the total lack of posts lately. Exam anxiety is taking over my life! This week I have two exams and then the semester is pretty much over. For Christmas I have an essay to write and a resit to study for (hopefully just one) so there will be time for me to relax and regain control of my life :P Which I really need the things in my downloads folder are piling up, some of it I downloaded months ago!

Things that I have done while studying has been to watch all the seasons of Friends (episodes of only 20 minutes are great to watch in-between studysessions!) and just like last time it feels like something died inside when the final episode is going towards the end and the camera zooms in on the six keys lying on the table... Wow, the memories!

Today I made time for watching a concert with Morning Musume. It was a graduation concert of the leader who had been in the group for ten years (longest ever) and of course I couldn't help but crying my eyes out during the graduation ceremony when all the members gave their messages to the one graduating and they all cried (some of them could hardly get any words out at all). She was probably the best leader they ever had.

This will be all for now. You can expect a Christmasy post on Sunday or Monday since I'm going to my parents place on Saturday evening (after the exam) to do some Christmas baking on Sunday ^^

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