Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year Twenty-Twelve

Happy new year 2012! :)
I guess you can all see the changes, right? I figured that a new year called for a renewed blog layout :) I'm planning on keeping this for the entire year and not make a new one until next New Years. What do you think about it? I think it's kind of stylish ;)

New Years this year (or should I say last?) was quite interesting. Instead of going as planned we re-scheduled very quickly and Kajsa and I planned an evening together. Love and I went out to buy steaks and potato wedges for dinner, and we also managed to fix a cheese tray. We got home and Love immediately put the steaks in their marinades and then we started cleaning the flat.
Around 6pm Kajsa showed up and we started cooking the dinner. She brought wine for me and her (Love was working later). We sat down in the sofa in front of the TV and while eating we watched an old film called "Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines", it was quite funny xD During the intermission of the film (yes, it's that old!) I brought the dishes back to the kitchen and brought back the cheese tray. Love opened the champagne bottle before he left (neither Kajsa nor I were certain we would manage).
After the film I asked Kajsa if she had seen the Christmas Special of Downton Abbey. She hadn't, so I put that on and we watched that. We discussed it afterwards and generally just talked until it was time to turn on the TV and wait for the clock to turn midnight.
Five minutes to midnight we poured the champagne and said cheers and happy new year :) Then we went out to watch the fireworks. Our neighbours were all firing. Here we had the first laugh of the new year: While we stand there watching the fireworks a mother comes walking carrying her baby. She says happy new year while walking past us. Two seconds later the dad comes running after her with the baby carriage! He said hi while running past! xD After that we went up on a bridge to see better and when the fireworks started to die off we walked back to the flat while singing Do You Hear the People Sing from Les Misérables. Quite the great evening it turned out to be :)

Kajsa woke me way too early today, I only got to sleep 8 hours xD We got up and had breakfast and then we did all the dishes from yesterday and cleaned up in the kitchen. Soon after Kajsa left to get home and I started studying. (Great way to start the new year, I know, but I have a resit in less than a week). I stopped around 6pm and since then I've been fixing with my blog. Now it's time for our weekly movie nights :) We're going to watch the Mummy Returns and eat some home delivered sushi :)

This year starts off pretty good. I hope that will make for a great year!


  1. Of course you have to sing in the new year with "do you hear the people sing"! I think it's gonna be my new tradition for New Year's.

    And 8 hours is the perfect amount of sleep, so I don't what you're complaining about ;p

  2. That's a great tradition! I'm on :)

    Actually the perfect amount of sleep varies from person to person. Some need only 5 or 6 hours to be perfectly alright. I need 9 or 10. Or I'll go through the day being completely groggy all day.


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