Friday, 6 January 2012

First week of the year

Phew, it's been a tough first week of the year. Since January 1st I've been studying for over 8 hours every day. Reason? Resit exam on the 7th and I think this is it. This is an exam I have left since spring term 2011 and to be able to continue studying French for this spring term I will have to pass it this time. It's nerv-wrecking. But my French is also way improved since last time I did this exam and I've been tactical when studying, looking over my past exams (I have already had a resit on this one) and seeing what I did wrong, and I've also been trying to go deeper into the subject. Tomorrow will be my final in-depth studies and then there isn't anymore I can do but hope she will pass me. I feel better prepared this time, though, and I'm more confident with my French so hopefully I'll be good enough!

After I've done the exam on Saturday I will have time to fully enjoy my last week of vacation before the next term starts. I'll probably go and see The Lion King in 3D. It's one of the most memorable and simply one of the best films from my childhood that it has to be done! There are some old films coming back in 3D this year. I'm considering seeing Titanic in 3D, also I might go and see Star Wars Episode 1 when it comes. I'm in a sci-fi set of mind right now and this year my project will be to watch the entire Stark Trek franchise, from the original series all the way to the 2009 film. Love has suggested that I add Battlestar Galactica and Star Gate to that list as well, and then I might just as well add Star Wars too.

Speaking of TV-series: Sherlock is back! Professor Moriarty, Irene Adler, Mycroft... Do I need say more? This season seems to have the recipe for success! And Sherlock himself isn't too bad to look at either... ^^

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