Wednesday, 18 January 2012

School's back on

It truly is. Every Tuseday is going to be hell this semester... or at least until April. On Tuesdays all the way to April I will spend 10 hours in school. First class starts at 10am, last class ends at 8pm. Reason? I'm taking one full-time course and one part-time course. I'm taking the very last French course before my Bachelor, but I only have three different classes in that course; writing, speaking and literature, and most of the time I'm only in school two or three days per week. But then there is the part-time course. Spanish. Spanish is a language that comes pretty easy to me. I guess the grammar is easy thanks to the French and the pronounciation is just easy. But that could be due to the fact that I spent one or two weeks each year from 1997-2002 at one of the Canary Islands. So I've heard my fair share of Spanish before I started studying it.

The fact that yesterday was such a hellish day could be due to all my failed attempts to set my sleeping hours straight before the new semester kicked off. All day yesterday I had the kind of headache that comes when you've had too little sleep. That combined with the fact that the teacher now speaks nothing but French and he's a mumbler so you have to really concentrate to understand everything he says makes for a hard day. Then there's also the fact that I don't feel up to studying yet and I need to practice discipline on myself. Just get it over with! That's what I'm trying to do. Finish things off in the same pace I'm recieving them. If I can keep that up it shouldn't be such a problem to study two courses.

At the same time as I'm complaining I'm kind of liking the hard work thus far. I started yesterday and by yesterday evening I had four assignments due next week. Woohoo! -.-' The ones for Spanish aren't that hard to do, it's a Beginner's Course after all. But I'm having severe achievement anxiety for French. As the two previous courses have shown me I now know that when I think I'm doing great I'm actually not doing well at all... So I'm getting paranoid. There's first the content feeling of handing in something you feel is great, then the anxiety that comes when you start going through the already handed in assignment in your head and realise that it might not be that great. I do that constantly.

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