Tuesday, 31 January 2012

This is what university is like...

So school is kind of interesting right now. I'm really not a fan of my writing and talking classes, simply because of the teacher. He calls his teaching method "fuzzy", meaning he has no straight lines and he wants us to figure things out by ourselves instead of telling us straight to our faces what we're supposed to do. So we have no information. This is, unfortunately, also the man who's responsible for the entire course and he is supposed to give us information on the essay we are supposed to write this semester to get our Bachelor degrees in French. Last week he asked us if we had contacted our essay mentors yet. Without even having told us to do so! We know nothing, not how many pages the essay is supposed to have, nor when it's due, nor who the mentors are supposed to be. He has no idea about anything. He told us that he's the mentor for the ones who are continuing with the linguistics profile on their essays, but for us who will be continuing with the literature profile he says he has no idea who our mentor is. Awesome. Then he tells us to find out. You may have done this a hundred times before but none of us have! You're supposed to tell us how it's done! Are you a teacher or not?! Also, during his lessons he gives no clues as to when he'll change the subject, suddenly it's just changed. Suddenly he asks everyone a question out of the blue and we're supposed to answer. He talks about the course then suddenly he talks about an author he likes very much, then suddenly he talks about an assignment and these three seems to be completely unrelated... It's not just me either. All 6 of us on the course feel the same way. He's too blurry. It makes it hard to follow him during classes. Because of that I chose to call in sick today and not go to school. I just didn't feel like I had enough energy to sit and concentrate on his talking for two two-hour classes. Because of that I missed what they did today and he said that he couldn't send me the exercise they got today due next week. Well, if he asks next week if I've got it I'll just give him the "No"-answer and try not to get angry when I see his surprised expression.

On the contrary I think I may have started to like our literature teacher O_o This term we're reading "Le Cid" by Corneille, "Phèdre" by Racine, "Un Amour de Swann" by Proust and "Lettres à tous ceux qui aiment l'école" by Ferry. There's something about the teacher that this semester seems more sympathetic, I don't really know what it is. I'm liking "Le Cid" and I'm looking forward to reading "Phèdre" and "Lettres...". The Proust one will probably be this semester's hardship, like Balzac and Mauriac was the semester before that, and Simone de Beauvoir was the semester before that. This semester the exam will be a home exam, which will hopefully mean that I can pass it more easily than I have with her regular exams. I passed the resit on my resit by the way ;)

I'm also taking a part-time course in Spanish and this far it's not that hard. I have lost some of it during the year I didn't use it, but it was the basics of the basics and it's all being reused and relearned this semester ;) We're reading two books this year (I don't even know if I want to call them that, they're more like booklets). They're called "Guantanameras" and "Doce rosas para Rosa" by Dolores Soler-Espiauba. The language in them are simple enough and although I understand far from everything I still understand what's happening. I'm reading "Guantanameras" right now and it's going well.

Spanish isn't really a language I like that much, but it's a language that might prove useful later since it's the second largest language in the world (#1 is Mandarin Chinese and #3 is English). I'm starting to like French a lot. I liked it before but I like it even more now. That may be because the French finally has started coming easy to me. Sure I still make mistakes with prepositions and gender, but the first one is difficult in all languages (including Swedish) and the second one isn't really talked about in Swedish (I thought for a long time that Swedish didn't have any genders).

I can't really believe that it's my last semester of French. It feels unreal somehow. I'm so excited to go back to studying Japanese this autumn! :D I'll be reviewing my Japanese textbooks the entire summer to make sure I have everything ready for when I start. Both the university textbooks and the textbooks I had at the language school in Tokyo, which may mean I might be a little ahead at the beginning of that semester ;)

Meanwhile I'm having the same old problem; I don't feel like I belong. Sure I talk to everyone in my French class (we're six people it would be weird otherwise), but I don't feel like I'm the same as them. And in Spanish I haven't even started talking to anyone yet. I'm the hardrocker geek that shows it off with the clothes I'm wearing. I'm the weirdo with the Harry Potter scarf who sits and writes in Japanese before the beginning of the class. I'm the girl who sits alone in the cafeteria and reads thick fantasy novels while having lunch. Somehow I think that's putting people off from talking to me; the studs + concert t-shirts + Japanese + Harry Potter + fantasy novels. I seem to be living in a different world than most people. So I don't belong with them, I can't seem to talk to them without feeling awkward. Even if they don't notice the awkwardness I do.

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